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Cosmic Legions


In September 2021, Four Horsemen Studios unveield their long awaited "space-themed" Legions line - Cosmic Legions. 

Years in the making, this line features all the trademarks that have made the studio's Mythic Legions line a success, with rich characters and a unique storyline set in a whole new universe known as Cosmerrium.  Below you can find some basics on this line itself. 

Additionally, for the story of how Cosmic Legions came to be, you can read this informative "Behind the Scenes" feature.

For more on the "lore" of this new world, you can also read the Story of Cosmic Legions.

By the Numbers

To date, Cosmic Legions has had a total of 34 figures released (up to and including the T.U.5.C.C. Heavy Gunner)! These break down as follows:

  • Standard figures, plus deluxe and legion builders - 26
  • "Ogre" and "brute" sized figures - 6
  • Large sized figures - 1
  • Creature - 1

Additionally, we’ve released 4 different weapons/hands packs and 1 diorama-style accessory set.

Waves Released So Far

You can select any of the waves listed below for more details on that wave, including the complete list of figures that were offered, when the wave was available, and more.

  • Hvalkatar: Book One – the first installment of the Cosmic Legions saga and the first wave of Cosmic figures
  • Hvalkatar: Book Two, Gravenight – the second installment of the Cosmic Legions saga brings us to Cell Block 5 and the dreaded fighting ring known as "the Grave"
  • Outpost: Zaxxius – the third wave of Cosmic Legions moves the story away from Hvalkatar, and to a transportation Outpost that allows us to meet some new characters making ther way to various parts of Cosmerrium
  • OxKrewe: Book One, Thraxxon – the first big expansion on the Cosmic Legions story since the initial "Hvalkatar" waves, these figures made their debut during a private party and live reveal special held at Power-Con 2023.
  • Special Releases - figures released outside of a traditional "wave", including LegionsCon figures and more!

Cosmic Legions Affiliations

Cosmic Legions figures are broken down into separate affiliations, and those groups help shape the story of Cosmerrium. Select any affiliation below to learn more.

These affiliations only represent the few we have met thus far as part of the Cosmic Legions story. There is more data yet to be uncovered.

Where Can You Buy Cosmic Legions?

First off, you can check the Cosmic Legions Checklist for a full listing of figures released so far.

The best way to get Cosmic Legions figures is to pre-order them directly from While these pre-orders can take anywhere from 6 to 18 months from pre-order to delivery, you will always pay the lowest price possible by supporting the line through a pre-order purchase. You are guaranteed to get any figures ordered during this period and there are no limits on the number of figures you can purchase!

Once a wave has arrived at our warehouse and all pre-orders have been filled, we offer “In Stock” sales of those figures. These sales are known to be quite hectic since the stock for sale is limited and the demand is usually very high! We do limit the amount of any given character that can be ordered at one time during these sales, but stock still sells extremely quickly and there are no guarantees that the figure you want will be included in the sale or will be in stock when you place your order.

There are also a number of incredible online retailers that offer Legions figures for sale, both as pre-orders and as in-stock items ready to ship immediately. 

What’s Next for Cosmic Legions?

We’ve barely scratched the surface of all we have planned for this line. Stay tuned as more chapters unfold and we shine a light on the exciting world of Cosmerrium.