The story of Cosmic Legions from Four Horsemen Studios

The Story of Cosmic Legions

Cosmerrium - The birthplace of planets, stars, and even life itself. Created by cosmic gods of old, the Aurrian Authors and their Khronnen offspring, it is a system divided into five rings centered around a fiery sun named Zol - the first star. Each circle of this system performs a specific role:

- Thropos: The innermost circle and home of Aurrus - the first planet and home to the Aurrian Author gods.

- Z’tratos: The second circle and the heart of military power in the Phaerrox Protectorate. As the last of the original Khronnen races, the Phaerrox enforce the will of Aurrus.

- Mmessos: The third circle is the most populated of the rings, and the busiest hub of civilian activity in the system.

- Thyrimos: The fourth and fastest growing of the circles. Rapidly expanding access to the tech created in Thyrimos has been providing unprecedented independence and power to the citizens of Cosmerrium.

- Exxos: The fifth ring is the largest, furthest, and least charted ring of Cosmerrium. The dense and mysterious nature of this sector has aided in forging it into a haven for outcasts, scavengers, and criminals looking to escape the reach of Phaerrox power.

The Aurrian vision of a harmonious and united system remains seemingly intact under Phaerrox rule. The five rings have known peace and prosperity for ages, but things are not always as they seem. Harmony is fragile, and even the smallest of fissures can transform into a malignant, crumbling chasm. When that chasm opens up, what will be revealed? It could very well be the end of a utopian dream, but it could also be the first glimpse into a brighter Cosmerrium.

Cosmic Legions