Cosmic Legions - Outpost: Zaxxius - Four Horsemen Studios


This third wave of Cosmic Legions figures will be made available for preorder starting on 03.31.23. More details on the wave and reveals of the new characters making their way through Outpost Zaxxius will be coming soon.

There are many ways to travel between the Circles of Cosmerrium. The routes that are officially sanctioned by the Phaerrox authorities pass through bustling Outposts found in key locations across the Universe. These Outposts host countless travelers each ring cycle, representing the incredible diversity of races and affiliations found throughout Cosmerrium.

To keep the peace and ensure that travel is not impeded by long-standing feuds or new grievances, these hubs, including Outpost Zaxxius, are considered Neutral Zones. Travelers from very different corners of the known Universe, some of whom would normally be across a battlefield from each other, can often be found sitting side by side on their way from one place to another. As these disparate travelers cross paths, they also share stories of the places they have been and the things which they have seen. The official reports coming out of Z’tratos, the second ring of Cosmerrium, do not always tell the whole story, and contradictory information is often carried from one traveler to another at these Outposts. Some of this information would be considered heresy by the Phaerrox, and as such it is whispered quietly and cautiously by those who relate these tales.