Cosmic Legions Hvalkatar: Book One wave - Four Horsemen Studios


The first Cosmic Legions wave, Hvalkatar: Book One, was unveiled as part of a release special on 9/10/21, with pre-orders immediately following that release event. Figures in this wave are scheduled to begin shipping to fans in Spring/Summer 2023.

Amidst the Fifth Circle of Cosmerrium there lies the dreaded complex known as Hvalkatar. Officially a prison and manufacturing complex, Hvalkatar is run by the Traders Union of the Five Circles of Cosmerrium, or T.U.5.C.C. What truly transpires at this complex, which is run by the tyrannical Highwarden Slogg, goes beyond the official reports. From the manufacturing of the miraculous regenerative formula known as Thryxium, to reports of gladiatorial-style battles taking place in the lowest levels of the prison, Hvalkatar is much more than it seems. It is here that a young Abollex named Olek Thygar finds himself. Captured and dragged to this prison, he is eventually locked in the deepest part of Hvalkatar – Cell Block 5. Known as “the GraveRing”, it is here that Thygar is forced to fight to survive - but he is not alone. Forming a bond with other inmates, they vow to protect each other, and fight not for the amusement of the Highwarden and his guards, but to one day break free from Hvalkatar.