Guidelines for Creating Add-Ons for Legions Figures

Guidelines for Creating Add-Ons for Legions Figures

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At Four Horsemen Studios, we love the community of customizers, sculptors, 3D-printers, and artists who have embraced the line and created add-on pieces to help Legions fans further enjoy these toys. There is no other toy line that we can think of that has such an active community of creators involved with the property. We thank you for your love of Mythic Legions and your contributions to its popularity.

At the recent LegionsCon event, we got to hang out with and talk to many of our fans, and we were surprised when multiple 3D-printers and parts creators asked us specifically for guidelines as to what we think is cool for these creators to make, including what boundaries we would like to see. It was honestly not something we had considered much before these conversations, but having these artists ask us specifically for some guidelines so they could ensure they are not doing something we would prefer they avoid shows just how cool our fans are. To answer their requests, we have put together these guidelines. We expect that these basic requests, which almost all creators are already following, will help the Legions customizing community continue to grow alongside the line itself. One important note - these are meant for companies making and selling add-ons, not for customizers doing work for themselves! Here is what we would ask:

  1. No “2.0” versions of any existing Mythic Legions characters. We have plans for updated versions of our original characters, so we ask custom sculptors and printers to refrain from using our characters in the design of items they intend to market and sell. This includes versions marketed as “2.0 editions”, as well as designs that are clearly drawn from our line’s characters.
  2. In addition to not using our actual characters, we also ask that other established aspects of the line, like our faction names or logos, also not be used on 3rd party parts that are for sale. Naming a custom head sculpt the “Order of Eathyron Holy Knight” and offering it for sale may be meant as a tribute, but it can cause brand confusion in the community. Please do not use proper Mythic names in any 3rd party products. This includes the names of the factions, groups, and places mentioned in our storylines, and the name “Mythoss” itself.
  3. On a similar note, we would also suggest that respecting other company’s IP (intellectual property) and characters is also the right thing to do when it comes to making and selling add-on parts. While unique, stylized tributes of well-known characters can be cool and are usually far enough away from the source to be their own thing, straight up renditions of those characters can hurt the owners of those properties. Our suggestion – imagine what you would be cool with if you owned the rights to that character and go from there.
  4. Keep it family friendly. Mythic Legions is meant to be for all ages, and we have many younger fans and community members with kids who are enjoying this line. We want to keep it that way. This means no nudity in the parts that are developed and marketed as Mythic Legions add-ons. Please honor the family-friendly tone of Mythic Legions.
  5. No mass production. We love seeing fans turn their hobby into a side business where they can sell their creations to others, but working with a factory to do injection molded parts to add to Legions is taking it to the level of competitor versus fan creator. You want to make your own factory-produced toys? That is cool, but please make them distinctly different from Legions.
  6. Please avoid the “moveable limbs” of the figures as well as the "pelvis". This means the upper arms and upper legs are off limits. We love seeing fans create custom heads, weapons, armor and more that add onto our figures, but the “core”  articulated pieces of the figure should remain off limits please. If you do make body part like lower arms, hands, lower legs, and feet, we ask that they include no jointed areas or moving parts. For example, a gauntlet to replace the style already in use on Legions figures is acceptable, but including the elbow piece of the lower arm with a joint is not allowed under these guidelines.

Once again, it should be clearly understood that these guidelines are intended ONLY for 3rd Party creators who are running a business and selling these items, not for customizers doing a single figure for their own collection! Making your version of one of our characters for your display is always cool and we love seeing those ideas. Keep it up!

Once again, thank you to all the creators in this community who have come up with unique and original ideas and are creating amazing items as part of their enjoyment of the line. We look forward to continuing to support your creations and we hope you will continue to support ours – and thank you to the creators we met at LegionsCon who respectfully asked us for these guidelines. We hope these answer your concerns so we can all continue to have fun and make cool stuff!

Published on 12.08.21

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