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The Lore of Mythic Legions

Origin Myth

In the beginning of time, the first beings roamed the universe. These primordial Gods and Goddesses possessed unfathomable power, but they lived a lonely existence full of boredom and emptiness. After eons of wandering, two such beings found themselves drawn to each other from distance worlds.

Upon meeting each other, Helyos and Selyne fell deeply in love, and together they created many children who would first populate the Earth. These peaceful creatures were initially loved by both Helyos and Selyne, but as Selyne’s love for her children grew, Helyos became increasingly envious of the attention they were receiving.

Helyos Mythic Legions concept art
Selyne Mythic Legions concept art

Helyos’s soul grew darker and darker until finally he hatched a misguided plan to destroy his own children and retrieve all of Selyne’s attention. To achieve this goal, he created a race of unnatural abominations intent on decimating the peaceful utopia that he and his beloved Selyne had created.

Ancient History

The earliest recorded writings and art of Mythoss tell of peaceful kingdoms populated by great beasts walking side by side with women and men living a harmonious life of joy and prosperity. This enlightened world was full of music, art, literature, science, mathematics, and spirituality. After ages of joy and stability, dark forces appeared seemingly out of nowhere. These forces wreaked havoc on the world and ultimately destroyed the utopia that had been enjoyed for so long.

In sharp contrast to the beauty of the creatures and kingdoms born on Mythoss, this new infestation of evil was wholly unnatural. These armies of demons, monsters, and abominations were led by horrific creatures determined to desecrate anything of virtue and purity left in the world. The most famous of these foul atrocities; Arethyr, Necronominus, Poxxus, and Illythia, were the things of nightmares made flesh and bone.

Not knowing anything about warfare or battle, the peaceful denizens of Mythoss were horribly outmatched. It wasn’t until a council of brave souls formed a plan to defend the kingdoms that any hope was found. The mighty lion warrior – Leodysseus, the winged serpent – Bassylia, the crowned eagle – Eathyron, and the ivory stag – Xylona, each led an army specifically created to counter the four horrors and their specific brands of treachery. Each armed with a mighty weapon magically forged with their own lifeforce, these brave warriors finally stood a chance against the evil plaguing their kingdoms.

Arethyr Mythic Legions concept art
Xylona Mythic Legions concept art

Wars went on for many decades, with the evil generals final being banished for all of eternity. The details of the final battles have been lost with time, and the final destinies of the heroic generals were lost with them. The threat of the malevolent armies was ultimately eradicated, but the world had been spoiled, never to return to its earlier glory.

Present Day

As memories of the Ancient World have faded over time, so have the great beasts that once walked the Earth. Although there is still a wildly diverse population left in Mythoss, it is man who has prevailed as the most powerful of the races. It is also man who is left with the task of protecting the kingdoms and preventing the world from ever facing such a dark threat again.

In the centuries of relative peace since the Great Wars, a delicate balance has been struck, keeping the darker forces at bay. Shortly after the disappearance of the heroic saviors, four great armies were formed in their honor. The Army of Leodysseus, The Order of Eathyron, the Convocation of Bassylia, and Xylona’s Flock have kept the evil threats living in the fringes and far from the noble kingdoms of Mythoss.

However, a stirring uneasiness has been growing in the shadow kingdoms of late, based on a growing rumor of the return of the malevolent generals. The evil masses have begun to organize themselves into their own legions, bent on ushering in the return of their powerful leaders. The Legion of Arethyr, the Congregation of Necronominus, the Circle of Poxxus, and Illythia’s Brood anxiously await the return of their masters.

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