T.U.5.C.C - Cosmic Legions - Four Horsemen Studioss


T.U.S.C.C. (Traders Union of the Five Circles of Cosmerrium) is an alliance of private firms seeking to expand and promote trade amongst the five rings. Seemingly united under a larger clandestine leadership umbrella, the individual operations’ incomes are tithed to the Union. Companies trade in goods ranging from mundane everyday staples - like foods and agricultural products, to the unusual - such as the sale of exotic wildlife.

One of the more infamous institutions operating under the T.U.5.C.C. banner is the maximum security prison called Hvalkatar. In addition to its primary function of housing and rehabilitating criminals, Hvalkatar also facilitates the manufacture and sale of industrial products such as starship components, pharmaceuticals, and weapons. Although all of these appear to be legitimate, there are persistent rumors that there are more dubious activities lurking beneath the surface.