Fan Community for Mythic Legions and Four Horsemen Studios


There is no doubt that Four Horsemen Studios have the best fans in the world. The community of collectors, customizers, diorama builders, 3D artists, toy vendors, photographers, and podcast hosts who have shown love for our creations has been nothing short of amazing. That fan community helps keep the excitment going for our lines with incredible fan-created content. If you want to be a part of this conversation, join the the official Mythic Legions fan community, the Mythic Legions Cabal Facebook group.

Mythic Legions Cabal Facebook Group and Fan Community
Mythic Legions Cabal
Join the "King of the Cabal", Walter Hagen, and the best group of fans anywhere in the official online community for Mythic Legions. Note that this is a closed group on Facebook, so you will need to request access to join and agree to the group's rules of keeping the community positive!
Visit the Mythic Legions Cabal now!
Mythic Legions Cosmic Cabal Facebook Group and Fan Community
Cosmic Legions Cabal
A new line requires a new Cabal! Journey to the coolest place in the universe and hang out with fans of Cosmic Legions!
Visit the Cosmic Cabal now!

Connect with the Studio on Social Media

In addition to the fan-generated content and conversations of the Cabal, Four Horsemen Studios also maintains our own social media profiles. You can visit those and connect with us on your favorite social channel.