Full Schedule for Mythic Weekend 2023

Full Schedule for Mythic Weekend 2023

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It happens once a year. Armies assemble across the Realm, while from the vastness of the Universe beyond come crews of adventurers seeking new frontiers to explore. Legionnaires prepare for revelry and the bustling excitement of commerce. They come as solitary travelers or grouped together in small parties of like-minded souls. All of these worthy warriors have one quest that drives them forward – to attend an event that can only be called MYTHIC WEEKEND!

For the third year in a row, the trifecta of events known as Intern for a Day, G-con, and LegionsCon come together for a Legions-focused experience unlike any other! Here is what you need to know whether you are traveling to New Jersey for this year’s festivities or will be home watching the fun from afar!

Thursday, November 9th - Intern for a Day

Our popular event welcoming fans and friends to Four Horsemen Studios returns! Attendees for this ticketed event were selected via lottery earlier this year and we are incredibly excited to spend the day with our latest group of lucky interns!

This event is closed to the general public, but rest assured that there will be plenty of excited "interns" sharing pics and memories of the day’s activities.

If you weren’t selected for this year’s event, take comfort knowing that we will be doing these again in the future and you will have another chance to join in the fun!

Interns who were selected will receive detailed event information separately.


Friday, November 10th - G-con: Rising Sons

The 6th annual G-con takes place just as the Second Great War begins in the Realm:

The Dark Four have returned.

Their armies march towards the center of Mythoss and the Castle of Four Sides.

It is here where the Legions of Light will make their stand and defend the Realm, just as they did in the First Great War.

Attlus Leossyr, the lost son of Leandorr, has returned to his kingdom. He brings with him the full strength of the House of the Noble Bear, joining his barbarian force with the four armies of the Legions of Light. Together, these heroes will face the greatest evils the Realm of Mythoss have ever seen.

And so the Second Great War begins. 

As in previous years, this will be a day-long broadcast filled with friends, fun, and lots of amazing figure reveals as the Mythic Legions: Rising Sons wave is unleashed on the world.

The event will be held LIVE at the LegionsCon venue hotel and broadcast worldwide on our YouTube channel. The show begins at 10am EST and runs until 3pm EST.  The preorder for the Rising Sons wave, which will include all the figures revealed during the broadcast, will begin as the show wraps up! That means that the preorder begins at 3pm EST on 11/10/23 at StoreHorsemen.com!

Join us as the first major story arc of Mythic Legions nears its end, and we discover that the fate of the Realm lies not in the hands of the heroic Legions of Light or the evil Legions of Dark, but instead in the two factions who exist outside of these rigid definitions of good and evil!


Saturday and Sunday, November 11th and 12th - LegionsCon 2023

The fifth annual LegionsCon event is the biggest and best ever! 2 full days of Legions-focused content that include not only the team from Four Horsemen Studios (yes, we will have a massive display at the event along with LOTS of Legions for sale), but also the most incredible assembly of people from the Legions community ever under one roof! The show will feature figure customizers, 3D-printers and sculptors, artists, photographers, diorama creators, toy retailers, podcasters, and more! It is a “who’s who” of exhibitors from within the Legions community! There is also a “show within a show” as a number of Independent Toy Creators and the Mini GlyCon gathering of Glyos creators will be once again exhibiting and selling their products as part of LegionsCon.

Of course, one of the most exciting things for this year’s LegionsCon are the pair of show version figure sets! There will be one set offered each day, with the “Vorgus Vermillius 2” deluxe figure available on Saturday, November 11th and the “Wal-torr the Mad” 2-pack set available on Sunday, November 12th. While these figures will be available sometime next year as standard editions, the LegionsCon versions will include deluxe figure packaging complete with character-specific artwork and extra bonus pieces which will not be included in the standard releases. Figure sets will be limited to 2 of each per person at the event and they will be sold at the “LegionsCon” table, which will be located in the hallway outside of the main ballroom for the event.

Note that LegionsCon is a ticketed event and tickets are almost sold out! While there will be single-day tickets available at the door, if you intend to go for both days, preordering your badge is the cheapest and best way to guarantee access to the event! Tickets and full details on this year’s event can be found at www.LegionsCon.com.

A Celebration of All Things Legions

In addition to the official schedule of events, a huge part of Mythic weekend is gathering with fellow fans both at the show and after the doors have closed for the day! LegionsCon 2023 takes place in a gorgeous hotel with an Irish Pub onsite and multiple areas within the hotel and event spaces for hanging out with fellow Legionnaires. The hotel is also near a number of restaurants that are within easy driving distance.

We cannot wait to see everyone for Mythic Weekend 2023!

Curious to see what "Mythic Weekend" is all about? Check out this recap of last year's fun!

Published on 10.16.23

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