The Blood Armor, Vorgus Vermillius 2 at LegionsCon 2023

The Blood Armor is Back at LegionsCon 2023

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Four Horsemen Studios is excited to reveal the LegionsCon 2023 Day 1 show figure – heralding the return of a frequently-requested character. Introducing Vorgus Vermillius 2! This show version of this figure will only be available for sale on the first day (Saturday, November 11th) of LegionsCon 2023! If any remain after the show is done, a small number will also be sold online. A standard version of Vorgus 2 will also be offered next year in larger numbers.

Created through fan voting during the first every Mythic Legions Kickstarter campaign, Vorgus Vermillius or “The Blood Armor”, is a longtime fan favorite! The character was also voted into the second All Stars wave back in 2018, but it has been many years since this suit of cursed armor has been seen in Mythoss. We are thrilled that it is making a return for LegionsCon, but the armor itself has changed over time, as detailed in its bio:

Created by Poxxus’ demon twins at the behest of a power-hungry vampire lord, the Blood Armor is a weapon that has been worn by some of the most powerful warriors in Illythia's Brood. While the wearer of the Blood Armor is granted near God-like levels of power, transforming them into the champion known as Vorgus Vermillius, these gifts come at a terrible cost to its wearer.

The curse of the Blood Armor is that it possesses a thirst as unquenchable as the vampires who dare to try to master its powers. None have succeeded in this endeavor, and over the years the Blood Armor has claimed countless victims, all of them believing that they had the will to control the armor and harness its strength. With each soul it consumes, the Blood Armor changes in appearance and grows stronger, yet its thirst remains unsated.

With the vampire Goddess Illythia now returned to Mythoss, a challenge is presented to see which of her children believe they have the strength to wield the armor in the great battle which is to come. An ambitious member of the Vampire Phalanx accepts the challenge and claims the armor. Will he stand by the side of his dark Goddess as her champion, or will he be just another soul consumed by the Blood Armor.

The Blood Armor, Vorgus Vermillius 2 figure will feature an updated version of this character, complete with an incredible new soft goods cape created by our partners at CJESIM. They went above and beyond for this new cape! It is fully wired in each of the "tendrils" that flow from the cape. The construction of this cape will allow figure fans and photographers an incredible number of options to display this figure in really striking and dynamic ways.

Vorgus also comes with 3 different head sculptures showing the armor progressively consuming its latest victim. The “open-faced” helmet shows the new vampire who believes he is powerful enough to wield the armor. Of course, he is wrong, and the special head available ONLY in the LegionsCon version shows this foolish warrior being consumed by the armor he chose to wear! That bonus head comes in a translucent red, the result of the vampire’s life becoming one with the parasitic armor. The final head shows the armor back to its fully helmeted form, its hunger temporarily satiated as it waits for its next victim!

The LegionsCon version of Vorgus Vermillius 2 will come in a special show edition package with character-specific artwork. It will include a sword, axe, and spear, the amazing soft good capes, plus all 3 heads!

As we have done in past years for the LegionsCon figures, Vorgus Vermillius 2 will also be available as a standard edition from StoreHorsemen next year. That version will come in a standard package and will not include the bonus translucent red head.

Pricing on The Blood Armor, Vorgus Verillius 2 is yet to be determind. Stay tuned for more details on that pricing, and the LegionsCon 2023 Day 2 figure set, to be revealed soon!

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Published on 04.19.23

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