Waves releaseed for Cosmic Legions action figures from Four Horsemen Studios

Cosmic Legions Waves

Released So Far...

You can select any of the waves listed below for more details, including the complete list of figures that were offered, when the wave was available, and more.

  • Hvalkatar: Book One – the first installment of the Cosmic Legions saga and the first wave of Cosmic figures
  • Hvalkatar: Book Two, Gravenight – the second installment of the Cosmic Legions saga brings us to Cell Block 5 and the dreaded fighting ring known as "the Grave"
  • Outpost: Zaxxius – the third wave of Cosmic Legions moves the story away from Hvalkatar, and to a transportation Outpost that allows us to meet some new characters making ther way to various parts of Cosmerrium
  • OxKrewe: Book One, Thraxxon – the first big expansion on the Cosmic Legions story since the initial "Hvalkatar" waves, these figures made their debut during a private party and live reveal special held at Power-Con 2023.
  • Special Releases - figures released outside of a traditional "wave", including LegionsCon figures and more!