Nate Baertsch named Four Horsemen Studios' full time Illustrator

Nate Baertsch Joins Four Horsemen Studios Full Time

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Four Horsemen Studios is excited to announce that after years of collaborating together, Nate Baertsch has joined the team as the company’s full-time Illustrator.

Nate began working with Four Horsemen Studios in 2007, with his first project being a painting of the studio’s Ramathorr character from the now-retired Seventh Kingdom line. That project proved to be such a success, and the working dynamic between Nate and the studio team was so fruitful, that more projects followed, leading to the relationship the studio has had with him for years now.

Nate Baertsch’s art has been featured on every Mythic Legions package released to date. In the past few years, he has also lent his talents to the packaging for the upcoming Cosmic Legions wave and the rich illustrations that the Figura Obcura line has become known for. Those figures have received as much praise for their packaging and artwork as they have for the figures inside the packages, a testament to the incredible work that Nate has done on these pieces.

In addition to packaging art, Nate has also helped design a number of elements for the Mythic and Cosmic Legions lines, including some of the faction and affiliation logos and the Ogre-scale Accessory Pack which was released in the Deluxe Legion Builders wave (an item that has been dubbed “the Noble Baertsch set”).

“This has been a long time coming,” says Eric Treadaway, one of the owners and founders of Four Horsemen Studios. “We’ve loved working with Nate over the years, so to be in a position where we have enough artwork needs to be able to bring him on as a full-time member of the team is really exciting.”

“I am beyond excited to join the team at Four Horsemen Studios as a full-time employee,” Nate adds. “I am so thankful for the work we all get to do together, and I am grateful to have this be my day-to-day focus for as long as we possibly can!”

On behalf of all of us at Four Horsemen Studios – welcome to the team Nate! Now where is that artwork for the -PROJECT NAME REDACTED-?

To read a brand-new interview with Nate about his work and his new role at Four Horsemen Studios, you can see this article.

Published on 01.19.23

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