The Unknown One Announced as LegionsCon 2022 “Day One” Figure Set

The Unknown One Announced as LegionsCon 2022 “Day One” Figure Set

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Following on the heels of the announcement of the Furious Four “Day Two” figure set at LegionsCon 2022, we are happy to announce the figure set that will be available on Day One of the show - A’dhæth, the Unknown One!

Created by a longtime member of Four Horsemen Studios, Bill Mancuso, the Unknown One is a mysterious character whose true origin, purpose, and name is unknown! This deluxe figure set comes with a pair of wings, twin blades that "cut not the body, but rip out the souls of the unfortunate casualties already pounding at death’s door", and a helmet with 2 sets of attachments! The version sold at LegionsCon 2022 will come in show specific packaging and will also include the bonus skeleton head and neck parts! These skeletal parts will not be found in the standard edition that will be released at a later date.

A’dhæth the Unknown One will be available for purchase on Saturday, November 5th during Day 1 of LegionsCon 2022. It will be limited to 2-per person at the show. A small number of show version figures will also be made available online after the event, and a standard edition of the figure will be sold as an “in stock” item on next year.

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You can also check out an interview with Bill Mancuso on “Mythic Conversations” where A’dhæth the Unknown One is revealed.

LegionsCon 2022 - The Unknown One

Published on 06.07.22

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