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The NEW Store Horsemen has launched!! The upcoming EXODUS warehouse sale isn’t live yet (that begins this coming Friday, Sept. 25th at 9:00pm EST), but the new (and hopefully improved) Store Horsemen is now up and running and you can go check it out now at ( also now goes to this site, as does the "Shop" button at the top of our site).

Because the new Store Horsemen is being hosted on Shopify rather than the previous 3Dcart, you’ll need to go in and set up a new account in order to place orders on the site, so the site’s live now to facilitate that. Please do that ASAP and BEFORE the launch of the EXODUS sale, because we expect that one to be... busy.

Hopefully this new Store Horsemen launch will help us eliminate some of the problems fans & customers experienced with the previous version of Store Horsemen, but we’re not 100% sure that’s the case yet, so the Exodus sale will be somewhat of a test of this. Keep your fingers crossed, and good luck!

Once again, the address main pof the NEW STORE HORSEMEN is

Published on 09.23.20

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