Announcing In Stock Sales for Mythic Legions: All-Stars 3 and more.


News Update

The pre-order for Mythic Legions: All-Stars 4 has been live for a few weeks and it's going strong! We want to thank everyone of the very positive response this wave has gotten so far! We really do appreciate the support from both the long-time and new the Legionnaires!

That pre-order is still happening right now, so if you haven't jumped on board yet, now's your chance! Just head over to Store Horsemen at NOW!

Also, if you're new to Mythic Legions and haven't yet bought anything from the new version of Store Horsemen, then you might have missed out on the recent email our production manager - Chris Gawrych - sent out to all of the customers who've bought anything there over the past few months. For those of you who missed it, and for those who need a reminder, here it is, pasted below in all it's glory.


A MYTHIC mid-week to you all, fellow Legionnaires! As of this writing, all of you who've placed pre-orders for Mythic Legions: All-Stars 3 should have those in your possession, and I hope you are enjoying posing, playing with, customizing, and photographing them to your heart's content! But alas...there may be some of you new to the Legions that sadly missed out on the fun. Don't worry! We are now entering a new phase in Horsemen History!

Moving forward, we are looking to try something new to help out our amazing fan family. Starting THIS Friday, March 19th, we will begin offering a constantly rotating In-Stock sale on Store Horsemen, where new offerings will go up every Friday at 3pm EST, and sales will close the following Thursday at 12pm EST (or while supplies last).

We will launch this new phase by first offering up the FULL Mythic Legions: All-Stars 3 wave on Store Horsemen in limited stock, to help out those who may have missed out during the initial premiere sale. Starting in the second week, the 6 figures offered will change, and be in very limited quantities, with a 1 per character limit - but yes you can purchase all 6 together if you're quick enough! Any duplicate orders will be cancelled immediately (I'm waaaaaaatching......). Our goal is to process the orders over the weekend and ship out at the beginning of the following week so we get them into your hands fast, barring of course any unforeseen circumstances.

We want this to be a fun event, where all of you will keep checking back every week to see what the new offerings may be. We will be drawing from our limited remaining stock, so there will be quite a variety, hopefully hitting different holes in collections, and satisfying customizers looking for certain parts. As we are still not back into convention mode, where we would bring figures to sell at the shows, you can think of this as a virtual extension of that experience, with the benefit of new cases being brought to the table each week!

I hope everyone enjoys this new venture and finds figures they might have been looking for. Remember, sales will be limited, and on a first come, first served basis. There will be sell-outs, so I advise you to not take too long with your purchases. As these are limited stock, replacements may not be possible, so please keep that in mind. We will do our best to help out where we can. Separate orders will not be able to be combined. And no, there will not be any Otho available...

Thanks all!



Published on 03.16.21

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