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The battle drags on, and the armies of the Legions of Light, as well as the forces of the Legions of Dark, have suffered great losses. The ranks of these mighty armies grow thin, but the sound of marching soldiers signals the arrival of Reinforcements ready to bolster the ranks of these depleted forces. This is not the full contingent of these Reinforcements, but rather a small number of the larger force which is to come. Still, these fresh warriors will be a welcome addition to the battlefield – but will they tip the balance of this war towards the cause of good, or the machinations of those who seek to bring evil to the Realm of Mythoss?

Mark your calendars and prepare your forces – Mythic Legions: Reinforcements 2 have arrived and we are partnering with members of the Legions community to reveal these new figures! Here is the schedule for these reveals and who will be revealing them (all reveals will of course also be shared on our studio’s social pages as well):

Thursday, Oct 5 – @toy_bro : Gold Knight 2 revealed! See the review/reveal here.

Friday, Oct 6 – @thebadassreviews : Cavern Dwarf 2 revealed! See the review/reveal here.

Saturday, Oct 7 – @d__amazing : Ogre Legion Builder 2 revealed! See the review/reveal here.

Sunday, Oct 8 – @hedgehogaction : Templar Relic Guard revealed! See the review/reveal here.

Monday, Oct 9 – @kentpoolcollects : Vampire Phalanx revealed! See the review/reveal here.

Tuesday, Oct 10 – Shooting the Shelf with @art_by_akerman and : Shadow Orc Grunt revealed! See the review/reveal here.

BONUS - Revealed on 4(ish) Horseman O'Clock : Silverhorn Sentry reissued! See the reveal here!

These reveals lead up to a small, early drop of these In-Stock Reinforcements figures on Saturday, Oct 14th. Here are some more details we can share now:

  • This is an early release of these figures with only a small part of the stock available
  • These figures are exclusive to StoreHorsemen and live events. These will not be sold via our network of Approved Retailers
  • This is NOT your only chance to get these! They will all be at LegionsCon for sale, and the full stock of these will be sold online early 2024. So you have at least 3 chances at these.
  • This early drop is only being sold as All Ins with a limit of 1 All In per person. At LegionsCon and the future online sale will have individuals for sale. Pricing on the All In will be $200.
  • Sale drop is on 10/14 at 11am EST. These Reinforcements are IN STOCK and shipping on the orders will begin immediately after the sale!

The battle begins anew…with the arrival of Mythic Legions: Reinforcements 2!

Mythic Legions: Reinforcements 2

Published on 10.04.23

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