A May 2022 production and shipping update on Mythic and Cosmic Legions figures

Production Update on Legions Figures

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Since the very beginning of the Legions lines, we have offered these figures with a “preorder” model. The advantage to this model is that you do not have to worry about figures selling out before you can get yours, and you are guaranteed to get the items you ordered! The downside, of course, is the wait to get those awesome figures in hand. Well, the wait is almost over for some of those previously preordered Legions waves. Here is an update on these highly anticipated new releases:

Illythia – the first pieces from this wave have just left China and are on their way to us now! Shipments usually take 4-6 weeks on the water, plus time to clear customs, so Illythia products should start arriving at our warehouse near the end of June. We are preparing on our end to be able to begin shipping these out to fans almost immediately.

Any address changes for Illythia orders need to be made ASAP as we will soon start going through orders and determine how we will ship and start making batches. No changes can be made after this begins. You can email any address changes to customerservice@sourcehorsemen.com.  Please include your order number and the new address it should be changed to.

Now, one thing to keep in mind is that this order will be HUGE – easily the largest shipment of products we’ve ever received for a single wave. To help manage this volume of product, we actually have multiple factories working on these figures. If you watch the weekly “Four Horsemen O’Clock” show on our YouTube channel, you may have heard our production manager, Chris Gawrych, talk about how one factory is doing the 6-inch figures, while another is working on the larger figures – like the horses and ogres. As these factories complete their work on the wave, they will begin shipping to us, which means we will not be getting just one monster shipment of all items. We will actually be getting shipments from the Illythia wave over the course of 4-6 weeks. The goal is to get these items out as quickly as possible, and we will determine the best order of shipments as we get these in hand.

Deluxe Legion Builders – production on this wave is also wrapping up very soon, and we expect these will be on their way to us from the factories at the end of July. Exactly when these arrive and when we will begin processing orders is still being determined, but our expectations are that once we begin shipping Illythia figures, it will be a constant flow of shipments from our warehouse as we move from Illythia right onto Deluxe Legion Builders. This process will take a few months to complete, which means for the bulk of Q3, right through the Summer, Legions fans will be seeing a near-constant flow of product on its way out.

Mythic Legions Tactics: War of the Aetherblade – the figures from this wave were split into two schedules, the first being for the Deluxe Builder Packs (male and female orcs and elves) and the later being for the Attila and Gorgo 2-pack, which includes brand new tooling. The Deluxe Builder Packs are slated to begin shipping to us at the end of July. While these sets were offered as part of the backing for the Mythic Legions Tactics video game, fulfillment on those will be done by our warehouse, and we expect they will be part of the stream of Summer shipments mentioned above. Production on the 2-pack sets should be finished a few months after Deluxe Builder Packs are completed.

Cosmic Legions – Hvalkatar: Book One – once again, if you watch our weekly YouTube show, you have likely seen some early samples of the work being done on the first Cosmic Legions wave. While it is still much too early to delve too deeply into the production timing on this release, we are excited to report that the early progress has been incredible and we remain on schedule for a Q1 2023 shipping date. There is still a lot of work to be done on this wave, so this schedule could change, but early signs on this wave are incredibly positive!

As a reminder, the latest information on all our “in-production” waves can always be found on our website’s homepage and at www.sourcehorsemen.com/about/release-status

Thank you for your support of these lines and for your patience as we work to bring these figures into your hands and your collections! We promise the wait WILL be worth it!

Published on 05.17.22

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