Full schedule of events for Mythic Weekend 2021 - G-con, ToyConNJ, LegionsCon

Mythic Weekend is Almost Upon Us! Here is What You Need to Know!

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For the 4th year in a row, Four Horsemen Studios will be treating fans to a day of reveals and fun as part of their virtual G-con event – and for the second year in a row, this event has been paired with LegionsCon to create an epic experience known as “Mythic Weekend”. Here is the breakdown of this year’s festivities, including both virtual programming and the live event experiences we have in store for Legions fans!

  • Wednesday, November 10th – MYTHIC WEEKEND KICKOFF!
    Kick off the festivities by joining Jeremy Girard on his “Mythic Conversations” show, which will be broadcast LIVE from the studio! Who knows who will join Jeremy on this episode, but you can be sure it will be a fun conversation that will get the Legions madness started. You can view this broadcast starting at 7:30pm EST on this day at www.YouTube.com/mythiccustoms
  • Thursday, November 11th – INTERN FOR A DAY
    This is a private event at the studio for fans who chose the “Intern for a Day” reward as part of the Mythic Legions Tactics: War of the Aetherblade campaign. While there will be no public broadcast on this day, since this is meant as a “behind the scenes” reward for these supporters, we expect you will hear some excited chatter from our “Interns” on the Cabal after the event is done! Just don’t ask them to share any of the super-secret stuff they may have seen during their visit!
  • Friday, November 12th – G-CON: POXXUS
    Sit back and prepare for the coming of the next Horseman as we unveil the Mythic Legions: Poxxus wave! Like every G-con we have done, this will be a virtual broadcast that you can watch live and interact with the studio, or you can catch it on replay! We will have guests in the studio with us and the day will be filled with interviews, information, and awesome reveals (and we promise we won’t eat Taco Bell live on the air this year). After the broadcast is done, the Mythic Legions: Poxxus wave will go up for pre-order at StoreHorsemen.com.  G-con will run from 11am until 5pm. You can watch it on our YouTube channel, www.youtube.com/c/FourHorsemenStudios4H
  • Saturday, November 13th – TOYCONNJ
    The live event experience begins in Wayne, NJ with ToyConNJ! This large toy and collectibles show is always one of our favorite events to attend, and there will be a ton of vendors selling a variety of awesome products. Four Horsemen Studios will have a retail presence at the event and we will be selling a variety of Mythic Legions products! This is also a great day to hang out at the show and casually meet fellow Legions fans, including many of the artists and creators who will be part of the official LegionsCon festivities (there may also be some impromptu live streams and interviews with people during this event for those who cannot attend in person)! ToyConNJ runs from 9am (early bird) until 5pm and it is at 1 PAL Drive, Wayne, NJ.  Tickets are sold at the door. You can get more information at www.veteriproductions.com/toyconnj
  • Sunday, November 14th – LEGIONSCON
    Mythic Weekend wraps up with the 3rd annual LegionsCon event! This live event takes place in the same building at ToyConNJ, so there will actually be TWO shows happening that same day! Join an amazing lineup of artists, customizers, toy creators, photographers, retailers, and fans for a day totally dedicated to the Legions community! We will have a table at this event selling products and we plan to also have the prototypes for the Mythic Legions: Poxxus wave on display for fans to see. Honestly, we cannot think of a better way to end this epic Mythic Weekend than by hanging out with the Legions community at this show! LegionsCon runs from 9am to 4pm at 1 PAL Drive, Wayne NJ. Tickets will be sold at the door. You can get more details, and see the full exhibitor list, at www.LegionsCon.com.  While this is a live, in-person event experience, we do hope to have some virtual broadcasts from the event so fans worldwide can join in the fun!

There you have it! The action-packed schedule for Mythic Weekend! We are so excited for what we have in store and cannot wait to share all the surprises with you!

Published on 10.25.21

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