An update from Four Horsemen Studios on Mythic Legions production schedule and more

Mythic Legions Update!

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First and foremost, we hope you and all of your loved ones are staying safe, happy and healthy. Things have been crazy the past few months and we'd hate to hear that any of you have had to deal with any unfortunate issues because of the pandemic and all of the other crazy things that 2020 has thrown at us all... so far...

We apologize about the extended delay in getting production updates out to everyone sooner than now, but as you all know, the current global pandemic has really thrown things into chaos for a lot of us and it hit our factories even a bit harder than we were expecting. Be that as it may, it looks like things are starting to finally kick back into full speed on our end (even though we here at Four Horsemen Studios are all still working from home as much as possible), and the factories have given us a revised production schedule on our currently outstanding projects, so we wanted to get a production update out to all of you.

MYTHIC LEGIONS: ARETHYR - This is the one that hurts the most... We expected a bit of a delay from the factories when Covid19 hit right after the Chinese New Year break over in China, but our tooling factory (which is separate from our production factory) was hit especially hard and the delays from them have extended more than twice as long as we were expecting, so the expected delay for the factory release of Mythic Legions: Arethyr has jumped from about three months to about six months. If all goes as planned, the factory is expecting to wrap this wave up and ship it from the factory warehouse to the US before Chinese New Year (Feb. 12th) in 2021. We apologize for this agonizingly extended delay on this wave and we hope you all understand that we're as disappointed with this event as you are, but there's absolutely nothing we can do to shorten this delay at this point. We will continue to push the factories as much as possible though in the slim chance that something might help.

MYTHIC LEGIONS: ALL-STAR 3 - Luckily, since no new tooling for the All-Stars 3 wave was necessary (other than a quick alternation to the neck of the Stone Troll 2 in order to make the heads more easily swappable), the delay for this wave isn't going to be quite as long as the Arethyr wave. The factory is saying that we can expect them to ship that wave from the factory to the US in later October 2020.

MYTHIC LEGIONS: SHADOW EQUADDRON -  All we'll really say about this one right now is 8/28/2020, and give you a bit of a teaser shot. Keep your eyes peeled for more news on this one.

Thanks a TON for all of your continued support and understanding! Mythic Legions fans REALLY are the BEST!!

Shadow Equaddron Teaser

Published on 08.25.20

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