Mythic Legions Power-Con 2020 debut figures sale information

Mythic Legions Power-Con Debut Figures

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The amazing Power-Con convention was supposed to have taken place next weekend - August 8th and 9th - but because of the current global pandemic, THE convention for all things related to He-Man and She-Ra had to be cancelled, and the next Power-Con will now take place on September 11th & 12th, 2021.

We already had the wheels in motion to do our annual Power-Con Mythic Legions debut figures at the convention this year, and as some of you might have seen in a cryptic social media post last week, those two figures - the beautiful and brave Dorina Onoris and the vile and despicable Lord Draguul - have arrived in our Megalopolis warehouse.

In honor of our favorite He-Man & She-Ra based convention of all time, we're going to go ahead and put these two figures up for sale on next weekend, and their sales will be spread out over both days of what would have been the two days of the Power-Con convention.

The first sale will begin at 2:00pm EST on Saturday, August 8th and will end when the allotment for Saturday is sold out. The second sale will begin at 2:00pm EST on Sunday, August 9th and will end when the allotment for Sunday is sold out. These figures are in stock and will begin shipping soon after the sale, but please allow extra time for shipping to occur due to the restrictions forced upon us by the global pandemic.

Dorina Onoris and Lord Dragull will be in very limited supply and will only be available for sale as a pair (not separately). Only one purchase of the set per customer per day will be allowed. Please be aware that if a second order is placed by the same customer on the same day, all of that customers orders for that day may be cancelled without notice. Everyone - whether you were able to get a set on Saturday or not, will be able to get back into the sale to try your hand at getting one on Sunday, just like is always done at Power-Con.

Some of you may already know that these two figures are included in the upcoming Mythic Legions: All-Stars 3 wave, and if you pre-ordered that wave, you are guaranteed to receive these figures when that wave is officially released. If you choose to try your luck at getting them months before the pre-ordered wave is officially released by ordering them through the Store Horsemen Power-Con debut sale, please be aware in advance that this will most definitely be a hard fought battle and the cost of getting these two figures early will be slightly higher than the normal cost of a standard Mythic Legions figure. Each pair will cost $80.00, plus shipping & handling charges.

We'll see you next weekend. Good luck and Godspeed.

Mythic Legions Power-Con 2020 debut figures

Mythic Legions Power-Con 2020 debut figures

Published on 08.01.20

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