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The time to pre-order your Mythic Legions: All-Stars 4 sets is almost here! Starting at 12:00pm eastern standard time on Tuesday, March 2nd, you’ll be able to go over to Store Horsemen (, and preorder the four All-Stars 4 vote winners – Scaphoid, Vitus, Sir Owain and Tibius, the two figures that will become this year’s Power-Con debut figures – Bryophytus & Mephitor, and the massive Forest Troll 2! And as always, we’ll have all of these figures available in one large All-In set at a slightly discounted price when compared to buying all of them separately!

The pricing for these figures will be revealed when they get put up on Store Horsemen today, but they won’t be available for purchase until tomorrow afternoon. This pre-order will have a solid ends date of April 3rd, 2021 at 9pm EST, and won’t be extended past that date.

We’ve chosen that date for a few reasons. First, it will allow Mythic Legions fans a full month to preorder their figures. Second, many people have already requested that the sale run a couple of days past the first of the month in order to make sure they get a payday just before the pre-order ends. Last - and potentially most important – beginning with this wave, we’re going to strive to keep all of our projects on a very strict schedule with our factories.

Our hope is to have each preorder wave that contains no new tooling through our factories and shipping out to fans within a six month period, and to have waves that require new tooling to be finished and shipping out to collectors within nine to ten months. Of course there are always possibilities of hiccups along the way – we know that all too well – but if we can keep everything, including preorder dates, on a more solid schedule, we think it’s something we can accomplish.

Last, we wanted to say thanks all of the Legionnaires - both rookies and veterans - on all of the support and enthusiasm you’ve shown to this line. Without you all supporting the line the way you have, there wouldn’t be a need for an All-Stars wave. You are all making this happen and we REALLY appreciate it. So thank you.


Mythic Legions All Stars 4

Published on 03.01.21

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