Information on missing Advent of Decay Barbarian Warrior figures

Missing Barbarian Warrior Figures

News Update

It’s been quite a while since we discovered that our factory had shorted us on the Mythic Legions: Barbarian Warrior Builder figures from our second Mythic Legions: Advent of Decay shipment, and we wanted to thank all of you who had those items missing from your pre-order for that wave for patiently waiting on those. We have them in hand and ready to ship now, but we need a reply from those of you who were missing those figures on this ASAP.

If this wasn't one of the figures that was missing from your pre-order, PLEASE do not email us about them. We'll have the remainder of the figures on Store Horsemen as part of our in-stock sale at a future date.

For those of you who were missing this item from your Mythic Legions: Advent of Decay second pre-order, if you have had a shipping address change since you placed your pre-orders for these missing figures, please email with your updated shipping information and we’ll make those adjustments before shipping them out to you.

Responses to are needed no later than this coming Wednesday, Dec. 18th at 5:00pm EST to ensure that your shipment is sent to the correct address. Failure to respond by the time & date listed above could result in your shipment being incorrectly sent to the incorrect address, and you’ll be expected to pay the extra fees involved to have that corrected.



Published on 12.16.19

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