Sir Girard exclusive and regular edition figures announced

LegionsCon 2021 Exclusive “Sir Girard” Figure Revealed

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We are excited to unveil the limited edition LegionsCon 2021 exclusive figure – Sir Girard!

This member of the Sons of the Red Star is partnered with the scheming Lord Veteris, but there is much more to this dark warrior than meets the eye.

The Sir Girard figure will be available in very limited quantities at LegionsCon 2021, where they will be one-per-person while supplies last! A small number of Sir Girard exclusives will also be sold after the event on This exclusive version will come in a striking display box complete with the LegionsCon logo, and it will feature something special – a skeleton head that looks strikingly like Skapular the Cryptbreaker! What could be happening here? Why does Sir Girard look like Skapular?You will have to wait to read the bio on the side of the box to learn that secret!

Because we know that not everyone can make it out to this event to have a shot at this figure, we will also be releasing a non-exclusive version of Sir Girard in the near future, and that one will be available in much larger quantities. This version will come in standard packaging and will not include the exclusive head. We will announce when this figure will go on sale in the future, and when he does it will be from

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LegionsCon 2021 Sir Girard figure

Published on 10.28.21

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