Lottery announcement for Four Horsemen Studios Intern for a Day 2024

Intern for a Day 2024 Lottery is Open

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If you had 3 wishes, would you use them to secure a spot at the next Four Horsemen Studios’ “Intern for a Day”? Well good news – you do not need to find a magic lamp and a wish-granting Djinn to have a chance at becoming a 4H Intern! All you need to do is enter the “Intern for a Day” lottery which is open now! Read on for more details:

This year’s Intern for a Day will be held on Thursday, November 7th at Four Horsemen Studios in Little Falls, NJ. Winners are selected by lottery for a chance to purchase admission to this exclusive event. The cost is $300 and that price also allows Interns to bring 1 guest (note that any Intern gifts given out are for Interns only and not guests). 

In addition to the Intern for a Day event, Interns are also welcome back the following day (Friday, Nov 8th) for our annual G-con broadcast!  This event takes place at the Hanover Marriott hotel in Whippany, NJ. This is also where LegionsCon is held. Interns get priority access to this event to secure the best seats for the presentation!

There is no cost to enter this lottery! You can do so at

The 2024 Intern for a Day lottery is open NOW! You may only enter the lottery 1 time! Multiple submissions will be disqualified. All entries must be received by the end of the day on Thursday, 4/11/24. Winners will be notified of their selection by email a few weeks after the lottery closes. If you have been an Intern in past years, you are still eligible to participate.

Good luck – we hope to see you at Intern for a Day 2024!

Want to learn more about "Intern for a Day" and the Mythic Weekend festivities? See a recap of 2023's event right here.

Published on 03.18.24

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