Impractical Jokers invades Four Horsemen Studios!

Impractical Legions!

News Update

Tonight (4/15/21) at 9pm EST on TruTV (check your local listings) you're gonna get to see part of the hilarious "Impractical Jokers" show filmed right here in Four Horsemen Studios!!

Be sure to tune in to see what kind of wackiness that Joe, Sal, Q and Mur get themselves into right here in the home base of Mythic Legions! The pic below shows a set of Mythic Legions based Impractical Jokers we made for them as gifts, and a sneak preview of one of the segments on tonight's episode.

Plus, if you watch closely you might just catch a glimpse of our very own Jim Preziosi lurking like a pineapple headed sasquatch in the shadows. Just keep your eyes peeled for the man bun. 😉

Mythic Legions and Impractical Jokers

Published on 04.15.21

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