Four Horsemen Studios 2022 Remaining Event Plans

Four Horsemen Studios 2022 Remaining Event Plans

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The year may be starting to wind down, but the event schedule for Four Horsemen Studios is just heating up! Here is a look at the plans for the remainder of 2022!


In just a few weeks, we will literally be in 3 places at once thanks to our first ever “Legionnaire Led” events! These street team-style events are run by Legions fans who are exhibiting and offering Legions products on behalf of the studio! While the selection at these events will be smaller than what is found at some of our larger appearances, these events will feature Mythic (and eventually Cosmic) Legions figures sold at standard 4H show prices!

The first of these events takes place on September 22-24 when Legions artist Nate Baertsch will be at FanX Salt Lake City Comic Convention. You can find details on that event here.

The crew from the Legions Lair show will be at the Cleveland Gaming Classic on Saturday, September 24. Details on that show are here.

Finally, the studio team will be exhibiting and selling product at Retrocon in Philadelphia, PA on September 24-25. Those show details can be found here.


On October 15-16, Four Horsemen Studios returns to ToyConNJ! Since this event is only a few weeks before the massive LegionsCon (more on that shortly), we will be doing something a little different for this ToyConNJ date.

The 4H table will have a smaller selection of product than we usually bring to this show, and we will be drawing primarily from “scratch and dent” items that we currently have in the warehouse. These are figures that were held aside rather than shipped for preorders. In most cases, the figures are fine, with nothing more than an accessory that is loose in the box, or an antler that is slightly bent. When we catch these, we hold them aside, and ToyConNJ will be our chance to sell these since buyers will be able to see exactly what they are buying!

Full disclosure – the items we have are from more current waves, not from very old waves! There will not be crazy rare gems as part of this offering. Prices on figures will be standard show pricing and not discounted. Quantities will be limited to what is on hand at the show. Details on ToyConNJ can be found here.


It’s the biggest month of the year for Four Horsemen Studios as we hold “Mythic Weekend 2022”! This combination of Intern for a Day, G-con, and the 2-day LegionsCon event is going to be the biggest and best we have ever held! We will release a full schedule for this entire weekend soon, but for now we will remind everyone that LegionsCon takes place on November 5-6 in Secaucus, NJ. Tickets for that event are selling fast (and yes, there are a limited number that will be sold), so if you plan to attend this event, you can get all the show information you need and secure your tickets at


We are already working on our show schedule for 2023, and we have some really exciting things brewing! Stay tuned for more details on next year’s show schedule soon! You can always find a list of our appearances at

Published on 08.25.22

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