Four Horsemen Cancel Muskecon Appearance

Four Horsemen Cancel Muskecon Appearance

News Update

We regret to inform Four Horsemen/Mythic Legions fans that due to the current Coronavirus outbreak across the US, the world, and more specifically our home state of NJ, Four Horsemen Toy Design will not be attending MuskeCon 4 this year as we’d originally planned.

We’re all really upset about having to cancel, because we were really looking forward to hanging out with everyone there, but things are getting rough here in Jersey & New York, and east coast airports are not be a great place for us to be right now unless it’s an absolute necessity.

MuskeCon is a great convention already, and us not being there certainly won’t change that, so definitely go if you already had plans to. We’re looking forward to hopefully being invited to join you all at MuskeCon 5 next year, and we wish Pete and all of the exhibitors and attendees of the convention a ton of fun and a successful con. It’ll suck seeing everything awesome that happens from behind a computer keyboard, but if you’re there, please post lots of pics online, so we can enjoy from afar. Serious FoMO.


Published on 03.12.20

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