Boreus horse figure introduced for Mythic Legions: All Stars 5+ wave

Boreus Introduced and All-In Price Revealed for the new All Stars Wave

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The final figure revealed as part of the Mythic Legions: All Stars 5+ wave is also the largest figure in the set – the mighty steed named Boreus!

Chris and George revealed this figure on our own YouTube channel as part of their weekly “Four Horsemen O’clock” show, and immediately the fan reaction was amazing! The popularity of the previously released Balius horse, and the requests from Legions fans to offer more non-character specific steeds, really got us excited to come up with a new horse that would obviously work well with various Legions characters, but which could also exist comfortably in other worlds and with other figures for display. We think Boreus fits that bill!

A fun bit of trivia - Boreus is the 200th Mythic Legions figure that has been revealed/released! What an amazing milestone for this line - a milestone that we would never have been able to achieve without the amazing community of fans who support this line!

The Boreus figure joins the previously announced All Stars vote winners (Rahmulus, Ilgarr, Azhar), the two Power-con Debut figures (Zenithon and Okeaetos), plus the other brand-new figure reveals (Xylernian Guard, Swigg, Lady Avarona, Duban) and the first Mythic Legions Heads Pack in the Mythic Legions: All Stars 5+ wave. That wave goes up for preorder on starting this Friday (7/29) at 12pm EST. This preorder will run until Sunday, September 4th at 11pm EST, so you have about 5 weeks to get your order in for Mythic Legions: All Stars 5+!

Regarding that preorder, Chris and George also revealed the “All In” price of this wave - $385 (plus shipping and taxes where applicable). The “All In” set will include 1 each of the 9 standard figures in the wave, plus Boreus the horse, and the Mythic Legions Heads Pack for a total of 11 items in all!

Below you can see the full lineup of this “very special” All Stars wave!

Mythic Legions: All Stars 5+

Published on 07.27.22

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