An additional head will now come with the Samir Scrollwarder Mythic Legions figure

Bonus Head Revealed for Samir Scrollwarder

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It's Monday - which means it is time to open another door on the Mythic Legions: Poxxus Advent Calendar. Today we get a look at the additional head that will be included with the human wizard, Samir Scrollwarder.

A wizard who is "renowned for his inexhaustible knowledge", Samir's primary charge is "to serve as protector of the invaluable texts of Agbendor." This new head, with its power-filled eyes and magical runes that almost seem to be glowing on his face, is perhaps how he would look as he combs through the books of that magical library, committing some of those powerful spells to memory so they may aid him in his mission of defeating the evils of the Circle of Poxxus!

The alternate head will be included with every Samir Scrollwarder figure, meaning he now comes with 2 head portraits in the package.

We only have one more door left to open on the Advent Calendar. See you back here next Monday for this 5th and final reveal!

Mythic Legions Poxxus Advent Calendar

Published on 12.20.21

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