Mythic Legions Siege at Bjorngar important message

Important Message - Siege at Bjorngar

News Update

We know you’re super excited to crack your figures out and play with them as soon as you have them in hand. We are too. But PLEASE pay attention to the instructional sheet of paper included in each Mythic Legions figure from this point forward.

During the production process articulation joints (most often the knees & elbows) can become somewhat stiff from the paint process and washes getting in between the discs and the body parts, especially since we’re including measures to try to keep the articulation points as tight and solid as possible – such as detents in key joints.

The possible damage and/or breakage of these articulation points can be especially problematic during the colder months such as now as colder weather can make plastics more brittle.

PLEASE heat your Mythic Legions figure’s joints up to at least room temperature as best you can with a hair dryer or hot water before attempting to pose your figures for the first time to avoid possible breakage.

Have fun and always take em out & play with em!!


Published on 11.04.19

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