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Announcing “The Mysteries of Mythoss” Surprise Packages Sale

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2024 is the 10-year anniversary of Mythic Legions! As part of our celebration of this milestone, we have decided to do something we have never done before. Introducing the MYSTERIES OF MYTHOSS - BLIND BOX SURPRISE PACKAGES! 

On Monday, April 22nd, 2024 starting at 11am EST we will be adding these mystery packages to Each mystery box will contain 2 figures - one older figure from the early days of the Mythic Legions line, and one newer figure from a more current wave! You get something older and something newer in each of these blind boxes!

So which “older” figures will be available in these boxes? You can see them here in the image at the botom of this post! For some of these figures, we did a VERY limited new run of these characters as part of the 10-year anniversary. Others on this list are ones we found in the warehouse after a recent inventory. For many of these, less than a case remains representing our final stock on those items! Every “Mysteries of Mythoss Surprise Package” is $75 and they are guaranteed to include 1 of the older figures seen on this list here as well as 1 additional figure from a newer wave - and for those who purchase multiple packages in the same order, we will do our best to make sure the figures you receive are not duplicates. Obviously, there is a limit to how many unique items we can send based on how many you order!

These figures, both older and newer, are all IN STOCK, but due to the volume of orders we expect to receive from this sale, shipping will take 2-3 weeks to complete. Please be aware of this when ordering.

To make this even cooler - we have negotiated special pricing with our carriers for this sale, and we will be offering a Flat Rate shipping option of $10 for US orders. Order as many surprise packages as you want and take advantage of this special $10 shipping offer for your entire order! Unfortunately, this shipping promotion does not apply to orders outside of the US. We tried to do something similar for international orders, but the number of variables that apply to overseas deliveries and different countries made establishing a realistic flat rate for those shipments impossible.

Mark your calendars - the MYSTERIES OF MYTHOSS sale happens on 04/22/24 starting at 11am EST - ONLY at

Want to hear more about the Mysteries of Mythoss? Check out the video with Eric, Jeremy, and Diego revealing these secrets right here.

UPDATE - you can also see this post for more details on which 14 "chase" figures are reissued (and therefore more likely to be included) and which figure are included as part of the "newer figure" inventory.

Mysteries of Mythoss Mystery Boxes

Published on 04.15.24

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