Announcing the LegionsCon 2024 Day 1 Figure Set

Announcing the LegionsCon 2024 Day 1 Figure Set

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Announcing the first of the LegionsCon 2024 show figure sets – the GASSPPARR THE UNAMUSED and GAWRYCHH THE UNPREDICTIBLE 2-pack set!

This limited-edition 2-pack set is a fun tribute to none other than George Gaspar and Chris Gawrych of Four Horsemen Studios! Reimagined as a pair of half-orc adventurers who “travel the Realm fighting evil and seeking adventure”, this set is loaded with parts and options for swapping to create new looks. Here are more details on this special set:

A dour monk who “dislikes amusements”, Gassparr the Unamused comes with a half-orc head, an alternate human head, prayer bead necklace, monk staff, nunchucks, a toy doll, fully wired premium soft goods robes, and alternate hands. Plus, exclusive to the LegionsCon edition you will also get a full set of dwarf legs and a dwarf head to transform this figure into a dwarven monk!

An “exuberant blademaster”, Gawrychh the Unpredictable comes with a pair of swords and scabbards, a bladed spear, a wired soft goods skirt, and extra hands. Gawrychh is a master of the mystical art known as the D13, which has granted him mastery over 13 disguises. The figure includes a few of those disguises, including his helmeted half-orc head, a fully helmeted mask, a Jaguallian head with face paint, and exclusive to the LegionsCon show edition – a human barbarian head!

This 2-pack set will be available on Day 1 of LegionsCon 2024 (Saturday, November 9th). It will come in a show-branded packaging with new character art, as well as the aforementioned show-only bonus pieces. As we have done with all our show edition figures, we will also release a “standard” version of these two characters at StoreHorsemen. Each of those standard versions will be on a single card and will be available sometime in 2025.

For more details on this set, including the fun reveal where George and Chris were surprised with their new namesake characters, you can check out the latest video of our “4(ish) Horsemen O’Clock” YouTube show.

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LegionsCon 2024 Day 1 figure set

Published on 04.03.24

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