Zende from the Mythic Legions: Poxxus wave gets a bonus additional head

Additional Head Revealed for Zende Amaanthyr

News Update

The holiday spirit is in full swing here at Four Horsemen Studios. Yesterday was the release of our new Figura Obscura: Krampus figure and associated goodies. That Yuletide demon is a wonderful (yet also somewhat horrid!) addition to your holiday celebration. Today, we open a door on the Poxxus Advent Calendar to see another additional head reveal. This time we get an extra head to go along with a character who hails “from mysterious lands beyond the shores of Mythoss” - the spellcasting teacher Zenda Amaanthyr!

This additional head shows Zende as he is perhaps casting a spell, the magic evident in his eyes and the symbols on his head. We think it allows for a cool, alternate way to display this character. EVERY Zende figure, whether it is purchased from StoreHorsemen.com during our preorder period or it is acquired from one of our retail partners in the future, will include both the standard Zende head and this newly revealed additional one.

Look for another Poxxus Advent Calendar head reveal next week – and remember that the Mythic Legions: Poxxus wave is available for preorder NOW from StoreHorsemen.com!

Mythic Legions Poxxus Advent Calendar

Published on 12.06.21

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