A look at the Mercurian warrior figures from Mythic Legions

The Races of Mythoss: Mercurians

While not technically one of the “races” of Mythoss, the Mercurian figures we have released have become some of our most popular and sought-after figures to date. While the number of Mercurians in the line may still be small, they are undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with in the Realm of Mythoss!


While we’ve never used the term “Spartan” to describe these Mercurian characters, it is obvious that we took some design inspiration for the helmet of these figures from those historical warriors. This idea of a fantasy creation which shows a clear influence from something that is familiar to many fans has undoubtedly contributed to the popularity of these figures in the Mythic Legions line, and that popularity started with the very first Mercurian we released.

The First Mercurian

Introduced as a stretch goal in our first Kickstarter campaign, the red-armored warrior known as Vitus was one of the more popular figures from that 1.0 wave, and his biography gave us the first insights into the city of Mercurios. (Note - Vitus is shown below with the "round shield" that was included in the first Kickstarter's "Weapons Pack 3" set)

Mythic Legions Mercurians

Vitus’s biography established Mercurios as a “glorious city of wisdom and enlightenment.” It also mentioned the “destruction of his people” and this warrior’s new role as a trainer for the Army of Leodysseus. Clearly there was a history behind the rise and fall of this once great city – a story that was just part of the larger narrative of Mythic Legions.

While Vitus would be the first Mercurian we would see in Mythoss, he would certainly not be the last. In fact, one of Vitus’ “brother in arms” would enter the fray next.

The Undead Mercurian

With the popularity of Vitus, we knew that we needed to build up the Mercurian ranks with subsequent releases. As such, the line’s next soldier of Mercurios was included in our second wave, commonly known as the “1.5” release. For that wave we created an undead solider that replaced the “flesh” limbs found on Vitus with skeletal ones. We also swapped the red coloring found on Vitus with a blue armor scheme to create Pixxus, a solider who once fought alongside Vitus. In fact, Pixxus’ bio detailed that he “gave his life in a heroic effort to save an injured Vitus.” 

Now a member of the mercenary faction known as the Sons of the Red Star, Pixxus provided a striking contrast to Vitus as the first two Mercurians seen in the Mythic Legions line.

Note - the name Pixxus is a bit of a nod to a longtime friend of Four Horsemen Studios and well known toy reviewer - Daniel "Pixel Dan" Eardly.

Mythic Legions Mercurians

A Mercurian Legend

The next Mercurian in Mythic Legions would be part of our “Coliseum” wave. That series included characters who were all part of an “arena battle” theme in the “Mercurian Coliseum.” These fighters included the legendary warrior named Rahmulus.

Wearing black and red armor, Rahmulus once fought beside his twin brother, but that sibling has since mysteriously disappeared. Interestingly, Rahmulus was not only the third Mercurian we released in Mythic Legions, but each of those releases are members of different factions. Vitus is part of the Army of Leodysseus, where he trains new warriors using the combat techniques of Mercurios, while Pixxus has joined the mercenaries from the Sons of the Red Star. Rahmulus is aligned with the House of the Noble Bear, as were all the heroic fighters released in the Coliseum wave.

Mythic Legions Mercurians

While we have not yet seen a figure or had any additional information revealed on Rahmulus’ lost brother, the mention of this warrior shows that there are indeed other Mercurians in the Realm of Mythoss, one of whom we would see soon thanks for a very generous fan.

The $10k Mercurian

During the Kickstarter for our “Advent of Decay” wave, we offered a reward that would allow a fan to get their “Likeness on a Mythic Legions Figure”. This $10k reward level was selected by one of our die-hard fans named Delton Grassmid, and the Mercurian character known as Deltigar the Destroyer from our “All Stars 2” wave would be the result of our collaboration with Delton on his namesake figure.

Mythic Legions Mercurians

Initially shown with a striking green and black armor deco and the head that bares a likeness to Delton, we also decided to include one of the popular Mercurian helmets with this figure as well. Once the character’s biography was revealed, the addition of that helmet made sense. Deltigar’s bio listed that he had an “ancestry dating back to the golden age of the Mercurian Army” and he now serves as a “leader and defender of the bustling town of Grassmid.” The position of this town “makes it the Army of Leodysseus' first line of defense against the encroaching forces of the Legion of Arethyr.” If you consult the Map of Mythoss, you will see that Mercurios lies between Leandorr with the Fortress of the Guilden Lion and the evil forces arranged on Arethorn, which is where the dreaded Aetherhold is located. As a member of the Army of Leoysseus faction, Deltigar the Destroyer sits on the front lines of this coming battle.

The Glory of Mercurios

The four Mercurian figures detailed in this article (which are shown below alongside some custom Mercurian warriors) command some of the highest prices of all Mythic Legions figures on the secondary market, showing how popular these characters are with the line’s fans. Trust that there is still much more to learn about the city of Mercurios, and other warriors from that city will certainly find their way into the ongoing story of Mythoss as new figures in the Mythic Legions line!

Mythic Legions Mercurians

Published on 05.26.20

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