A look at the feline warrior Jaguallian figures from Mythic Legions

The Races of Mythoss: Jaguallians

Anthropomorphic characters have been a popular part of our toy lines ever since we released Xetheus back in 2006.  As we began developing our ideas for Mythic Legions, we knew that the Realm of Mythoss would be home to a wide variety of races and cultures, including many anthropomorphic races. One of these races is the fierce feline warriors known as the Jaguallians.

The First Jaguallian

The first Jaguallian we released in Mythic Legions was the magic-using B’alam. This character’s bio details his important role in the magical Convocation of Bassylia. According to his bio:

With direct ties to the great beasts of the first age, B’alam has ancient magic coursing through his veins. Coupled with the ability to speak to and harness the power of the animals around him, his powers are as all-encompassing and diverse as the wildlife of Mythoss itself. Along with Jorund Runeshaper and the high council of Bassylia, B’alam has been instrumental in building the ever-growing mystical force that emanates from a magical stronghold high atop the Evergray Mountains.

So this biography reveals a few interesting points about both the Jaguallian race and of B'alam specifically. It points out that this character and the dwarven mage, Jorund Runeshaper, hold important positions within their faction. It also details that the Jaguallians are connected in some way to the great beasts of the first age. This early age of Mythoss is a period of time we know little about, but which clearly still has an impact on the Realm in modern times.

Mythic Legions Jaguallian race

The Convocation of Bassylia is a faction that was barely explored in the early days of Mythic Legions, and they remain the most mysterious of the heroic factions in the Legions of Light. This faction did receive some attention during the "Mythic Legions: Poxxus" wave, since that is the evil faction which they directly oppose. 

A Cat Who is Ready for Battle

The second Jaguallian released in the Mythic Legions line was the “powerful and noble” Cowaross. Part of the Army of Leodysseus, his bio explains more about this warrior:

Cowarros, a powerful and noble warrior, uses his exceptional speed and strength to serve under the banner of the golden lion for The Army of Leodysseus. Stationed in the mystical city of Alkyrium, he is part of a coalition of heroic warriors tasked with keeping the city free of dark magic. Already well known in his own right, Cowarros arose to even greater fame helping Ragna Stormforger and Thallyn Frostbow with their mission to warn the unwary of the existence of The Soul Spiller, the fearsome weapon capable of resurrecting the evil goddess Illythia.

Like the rest of the "Power-Con debut figures", Cowaross is not really part of the core Mythic Legions story, but is rather a fun sub-set of figures within the toy line. That being said, his bio does reference an important event in the history of the Realm - the finding of the Soul Spiller and the heroes quest to keep it from being used to recall the queen of the Vampires, Illythia, from where she had been banished after the events of the First Great War!

Mythic Legions Jaguallian race

Another Masterful Feline

Another Jaguallian released at a Power-Con debit was the purple-skinned, and therefore aptly-named, Purrrplor. A deadly member of the Legion of Arethyr, his bio reads:

Called away from his home in the shadowed forest city of Veytheera by Gorgo Aetherblade, the evil warrior Purrrplor is as renowned for his stealth as he is for his swordsmanship. Growing up in a city so shaded by trees that his life has been spent in darkness, Purrrplor is well suited to scouting missions that require quiet and cunning. He played a key role in the Siege at Bjorngar, but after tasting defeat at the hands of Attlus' armies, Purrrplor finds himself battling the harsh terrain of the Wasteland, searching for refuge.

Mythic Legions Jaguallian race

Once again, this Jaguallian was clearly a nod to another character (a certain purple panther), but he was transformed into a part of our own mythology and ongoing storyline. Like Cowaross and the rest of the Power-Con Debut figures, he is a cool toy, but not a character that will play a signiciant role in the unfolding story of Mythic Legions.

Red and Black Attack

While there have not been any additional Jaguallians released since the Wasteland wave, there have been two releases that include Jaguallian parts - and both of those releases introduced brand new color schemes for these feline warriors!

Available as part of the Legions 2022 show version set of the "Furious Four" was a red-furred Fury Jaguallian! This head and tail were bonus pieces only included with the show version of these characters. Because that set was designed based on the four members of the "My Wife is Going to Kill Me Podcast", this fifth member has been unofficially dubbed "KodiCat", a nod to the show's producer, Cody. 

Another excited new color variation for the Jaguallians was presented in the Mythic Legions Heads Pack 1 set that was availale with the All Stars 5+ wave of figures. That heads pack featured a handful of existing heads painted in new ways, including a Jaguallian head, neck, and tail in a panther-like black scheme. You can see photos of both of these new Jaguallian colors below.

Mythic Legions Jaguallian race

Past and Future Jaguallians

While the proud and fierce Jaguallian race may only have a few representatives released in the Mythic Legions line, rest assured that we have plans to revisit these feline fighters in the future!

It is also worth mentioning that many Mythic Legions fans have even turned to one of our previous lines, the Seventh Kingdom, and the female felines we released as part of the Queen’s Council series, to add some additional depth to their Jaguallian ranks. These distant cousins of the characters detailed in this article look great alongside B’alam, Cowaross, and Purrrplor if you can hunt down these long sold out figures today!

Mythic Legions Jaguallian race

A Powerful Bonus!

Want even more Jaguallian awesomeness? Check out the powerful action figure reviews of Alberto Arribas! If you haven’t seen his video reviews of Cowaross and Purrrplor, you are in for a treat. IT’S GETTING POWERFUL!

Originally published on 07.14.20

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