A look at the Goblins of Mythic Legions

The Races of Mythoss: Goblins

If you made a list of the assorted races found across different examples of fantasy, goblins are sure to be a popular entry on almost everyone’s ballot. It is not surprising that these diminutive menaces eventually found their way into the Realm of Mythoss. Combining some of the zany chaos of Jim Henson’s Labyrinth with the overwhelmingly destructive capabilities of JRR Tolkien’s goblins, the various sub-races of goblins have proven to be wildly popular with Mythic Legions fans.

Bog Goblins

The first goblin that was released in Mythic Legions was part of our very first series – the Kickstarter-fueled “1.0 wave”. One of the “greater goblin” sub-races, Bog Goblins are “vicious and surly, amphibious in nature” and “well suited to hiding away in their swampland homes.” The description of these vile creatures goes on to explain that “of all the Greater Goblin subspecies, this filthy breed is the most willing to serve in the armies of the dark forces. Armed with the ability to vomit a hot and sticky black bile at their enemies, Bog Goblins are feared by even the bravest warrior.

Mythic Legions Goblins

Cave Goblins

Deep in the subterranean caverns of the Greyvein Mountains exists one of the most populous of all armies in Mythoss (and the most populous goblin sub-species in the Mythic Legions line) – the cavern goblins of Gobhollow. These green-skinned menaces are what most people imagine when they picture “goblins”. Led by the scheming King No’Glin, the cavern goblins have aligned themselves with the Legion of Arethyr, and with their Greyvein Mountain neighbors the Cavern Dwarves, looking to ”expand their kingdoms’ reaches upon Arethyr’s return.

Mythic Legions Goblins

The biography for Gonxx, the “brutal commander of the goblin forces”, details this kingdom by stating that  “the true scope of the goblin army can only be imagined by those with the greatest imagination. A seemingly infinite number of evil soldiers seep through mile after mile of labyrinthine tunnels in the Gobhollow Caverns deep beneath the Grayvein Mountains.

Joining King No’Glin and his commander Gonxx are an assortment of goblin characters, from the assassin Knubnik to the thieving Snagg – and of course the legions of this army are populated by the nameless hordes of the Goblin Legion Builders!

Delving deeper into the backstory of Gobhollow, we learn a bit about its perimeter defenses which are guarded by the archer Thwikk and his “band of bowmen who protect the perimeter entrances to Gobhollow.” This establishes that the Cavern Goblins do venture outside of their subterranean kingdom, specifically to “scout for oncoming danger, hunt for sustenance and generally wreak havoc and mayhem wherever they go.

  • Mythic Legions Goblins
  • Mythic Legions Goblins
  • Mythic Legions Goblins

Gobhollow and its perimeter are not the only places Cavern Goblins can be found in Mythoss. King No’Glin’s own nephew, the goblin commander named Thumpp, was sent out with a band of Gobhollow’s finest soldiers to fight for Gorgo Aetherblade, honoring the alliance that had been struck with the Legion of Arethyr – or so it would seem. The bio for Thumpp explains that “while braving the Wasteland of Bjorngar, Thumpp finds himself not only struggling to survive, but also desperately trying to recall the details of a shadowy plan laid out by his uncle before he left Gobhollow.

Mythic Legions Goblins

There is obviouisly more to the plans of King No’Glin and Gobhollow than it would seem, and anyone who would strike a deal with a goblin should be mindful to watch their back very closely!

Woodland Goblins

Commonly known as “Fuzzmunks”, Woodland Goblins are incredibly rare. The lone member of this elusive sub-race of goblin we have seen is the relic master named Thistlethorn.

Loyal to Artymss Silverchord and Xylona’s Flock, Thistlethorn is not what you would likely imagine a “goblin” to be, but Mythoss is an incredible diverse Realm, and this heroic Fuzzmunk is evidence that there is good in every race all across that Realm.

Mythic Legions Goblins

Helphyre Goblins

While not true goblins, the fiery “Helphyre Goblins” are often classified alongside this race. Considered “dark mirror reflections of the bog goblins and their kin, the Helphyre are a far more beastly creature. If their fiery broiling plasma vomit isn't terrifying enough, their painfully poisonous skin, nails, and teeth keep even the bravest warriors at bay.

Mythic Legions Goblins

More Goblins and Goblin Customs!

Have we seen all the sub-races of goblins who inhabit Mythoss? Not even close. Rest assured that we have plans for more representatives from the goblin sub-races covered in this article, as well as new goblinoid relatives who have yet to make themselves known, but who will certainly rise up to wreck havoc or fight for justice as part of the ongoing story of Mythic Legions.

Goblins have also become a favorite source of inspiration for the Mythic Legions customizing community! Below is a photo mixing many of our normal goblin figures with some custom creations!

Mythic Legions Goblins

Published on 08.07.20

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