A look at the capital of Xylernia, the beautiful Castle Silverhorn

The Lore of Mythoss: Castle Silverhorn

Standing near the very center of Xylernia, amidst the great Greentop Forest, there is a structure as imposing as it is beautiful. Created by the Fae shortly after the events of the First Great War, Castle Silverhorn has been the seat of power in this wild kingdom since that time. In this “Lore of Mythoss” article, we will take a deeper look at this important location in the Realm of Mythoss and the role that it has played over the years for the heroic faction known as Xylona’s Flock.

From the Ashes of the First Great War

Note: much of this article contains excerpts of the historical writings to be collected in “Mythic Legions: Rise of the Dark Four, Volume 1”. We have adapted this text for the purposes of this article. A more complete history will be found in the pages of that forthcoming volume.

The beings of Mythoss were left to forge their own futures. The weapons that were left behind by the Great Mother found their way into the hands of heroic leaders, establishing great families that would lead what became known as the Legions of Light. The true names of these families are lost to time, as once they accepted the weapons of the Great Beasts, they took the names of those weapons as their surnames, forever tying them into their legacies as protectors of Mythoss.

Gathered together, the leaders of these four new factions decided to split the Realm of Mythoss into four distinct sections, each one of these becoming a kingdom that one of the heroic factions would govern and protect.

To the Northeast of the Realm retreated the assorted Fae who took the name’s Xylona’s Flock. Leading this assembly of magical creatures large and small were a family of Fairie Elves who called themselves the Silverchords, named after the great bow which they carried with them.

Nestled in the Greentop Forest, to the South of Emberdale and the mysterious Whispervale, Xylona’s Flock built the beautiful Castle Silverhorn. With a visage that seemed to be part of the natural landscape itself, this wondrous castle became a haven for any Fae who choose to grace its halls and courtyards with their wisdom and their powers.

The kingdom upon which Castle Silverhorn and the surrounding forests lay became known as Xylernia, and the Silverchord family led their followers with a reverence to the namesake of their faction, as well as to the Great Mother whose presence was still seen in every instance of Fae magic.

This text offers a glimpse into the earliest days of the Legions of Light, and the rise of both Xylona’s Flock and the Silverchord family. This passage also references the Castle itself and its appearance as part of “the natural landscape”, an idea which further research will shed additional light upon.

The Creation of Castle Silverhorn

The construction of Castle Silverhorn must have been an incredible endeavor. Interestingly, however, historical writings from this period contain very little information about the actual construction project of the Castle or the surrounding grounds. While we can find detailed reports of the years it took to construct the other heroic strongholds, including the Fortress of the Guilded Lion, the Tower of Bassylia, or the Temple of Earthyron, no such information can be found for Castle Silverhorn. Some historians believe that these records may have been lost, but it is unrealistic to think that none would have survived whatever catastrophe could’ve caused the loss of this information. Others think that Xylona’s Flock have intentionally prevented this information from being revealed, but this too seems unlikely given the fact that the faction has never shown a desire for that type of secrecy in other aspects of their history. It is for these reasons that the majority of scholars of ancient Mythoss believe that there are no detailed descriptions of the physical raising of Castle Silverhorn because the structure was created through means other than typical brick-upon-brick construction. This theory would be in line with Fae artwork, especially that of the Elves.

Castle Silverhorn

Elven artisans are amongst the most gifted in the Realm, and watching them work is a wonderous experience. Whether they are painting, sculpting, making music, or creating some other masterpiece, Elven artists create wonders through an almost otherworldly blending of both artistic skills and magical influence. Their creations are elegant and organic, oftentimes feeling like the wonders of the natural world given new form. To look upon Elven-created items, whether they are weapons and armor meant for battle, jewelry meant for pure adornment, or structures of one kind or another, one can see the forms of nature repeated in a way that few other non-Fae artists have even been able to capture.

Examining the architectural forms of Castle Silverhorn, we can see this keen understanding of natural beauty given shape. The landscape around the Castle seems to be one with the structure itself. Trees rise up and blend seamlessly into the antler-like forms that are seen gracing the walls and towers of the Castle. It is almost as if the landscape around the Castle played an active role in forming the structure, nature working alongside the artistry of the Fae.

Tragedy at Castle Silverhorn

The history of Mythoss is filled with both incredible triumphs and devasting tragedies, and there are few events as unfortunate as the one that took place at Castle Silverhorn some decades ago. We are of course speaking of the assassination of the ruling Silverchords.

Once again, we draw from the writings contained in “Mythic Legions: The Rise of the Dark Four, Volume One”.

Unlike men, the Fae live for ages untold, for save a violent death, the only way a member of the Elven race ceases to exist is if they decide for themselves that it is time to move on to different lands beyond those of Mythoss. The first members of the Silverchord family led the Flock for a great number of years, for while the lives of men, woman, and beasts came and went across the Realm, the existence of the Fae endured. Unfortunately, tragedy struck the heart of Castle Silverhorn in a chilling reminder that the evils of the Realm had not been destroyed, but still lay waiting to crawl forth from the shadows.

A pair of vampire assassins infiltrated Castle Silverhorn one moonless night, silent as they crept through the halls of this great palace. This was many years after the defeat of the Dark Four, and exactly what caused these creatures of the night to make so bold a move was never uncovered, for the pair of vampires were destroyed by the Silverhorn Sentry who guarded the castle shortly after their presence had been discovered. Unfortunately, that discovery came too late to save the elder Silverchords. Bursting into the royal quarters of the castle, King Auron and Queen Litania were found murdered. The assassins had struck at the perfect moment, catching the Faire elves in the middle of a deep meditation as they connected their consciousness to the essence of the forests around them. Unaware of the intrusion into their chambers, the Silverchords put up no resistance to the blades of the vampire assassins.

This was a time of great mourning for Xylona’s Flock, and the borders of Xylernia were closed for a time after this tragic event. Thankfully, the Silverchord bloodline did not die out with the murder of the King and Queen, for a young Fae child had been born shortly before this terrible incident occurred. She would carry the Silverchord name forward, and one day rule Xylona's Flock.

Records of this time show that Castle Silverhorn, and the rest of the kingdom, did indeed go through a period of deep mourning. The normally lush, bountiful lands surrounding the Castle seemed to wither in sadness, and an entire turn of the seasons passed where no flowers bloomed across all of Xylernia. The sounds of animals going about their business and birds singing quieted, and the entire kingdom grew eerily still.

Thankfully, this time of darkness eventually lifted, although the horror of that bloody night at Castle Silverhorn was never forgotten. To this very day, reminders of the killing of the Silverchords remain in the Castle, especially in the thrones which have sat unused since that dark night. With the pending coronation of Princess Artemyss, however, there is hope of a new day ahead – for a Silverchord will once again sit upon the throne of Castle Silverhorn.

Castle Silverhorn

The Defenses of Castle Silverhorn

The protections placed upon the great castle of Xylona’s Flock have always been impressive, but those defenses were increased even further in the time following the death of the elder Silverchords. One of these newly established defenses is the impenetrable maze of trees, branches and thorns surrounding the Castle. These natural protections, combined with the vigilance of the Silverhorns who guard the Castle and the mighty Minotaur who leads them, were established to prevent any enemies of the Flock from ever again entering the grounds of Castle Silverhorn undetected.

A Symbol of Peace and Hope

It has long been said that the touch of the Great Mother can be most felt in Mythoss in the Fae of Xylona’s Flock. As such, Castle Silverhorn is arguably the place in the Realm where her legacy and teachings are most revered. The Castle remains a location that is always open to those who follow the Elder Frost Deer, and which also welcomes visitors from the other heroic factions as long as they go through the proper channels in order to receive a formal invitation. These invitations are highly coveted by historians, mages, and those who feel some kind of affinity towards the Great Mother. For many in Mythoss, the towers of Castle Silverhorn represent the beauty and hope of creation itself, and a reminder of the peaceful coexistence with nature that many believe is essential to bringing true peace back to this great Realm.

Published on 09.16.22

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