A look at the 6 Children of Necronominus in the Mythic Legions line

Figures in Focus: The Children of Necronominus

Of all the evil warriors in the Legions of Dark, there are none more fervently loyal, or more bone-chillingly terrifying, than the six “siblings” known as the Children of Necronominus. In this “Figures in Focus” article we will take a look at these six acolytes of the Lord of Death, including what waves they debuted in, and where they fit into this family whose sole aim is to spread death across the entire Realm of Mythoss.

Editor's note: There are a few ways this information could’ve been presented. Going in chronological order from the earliest release to the most recent made sense, but so did going from eldest to youngest in the group. We opted for the latter as a way to approach this content from more of a “lore” standpoint than strictly from a toy release perspective. We hope you enjoy that approach!

Thorasis the First Risen

The eldest child of Necronominus, Thorasis is the Arch General of the Congregation. He was banished along with his father and his two youngest siblings after the Dark Four’s defeat during the First Great War. As the eldest child, he is their defacto leader and is granted the honor of brandishing the shield that bears the symbol of his father and their faction. This character’s bio goes into detail about his role within the Congregation, as well as what he was doing during his years of exile after the First Great War.

As the forces of Death are called forth from their banishment, the first to emerge is the eldest child of Necronominus - Thorasis the First Risen. The Arch General of the Congregation, Thorasis assumes command of his father’s undead army, relieving his sister, Morgolyth, of the role she has served in since her father was banished during the First Age. During his long years in exhile, Thorasis has prepared and prayed. After ages spent in silent supplication, those prayers have been answered. Thorasis has returned to usher forth the Liturgy of Bone, a celebration of death which will be the end of all life in Mythoss.

This short bio gives us a number of things to examine, including the image of Thorasis being the first of the banished members of the Congregation of Necronominus to emerge once they were finally called back to Mythoss. This bio also positions Thorasis as the leader of Necronominus’ army and it states that he takes back that position from his sister, Morgolyth, who had been serving in that role since his banishment during the First Age of the Realm.

Finally we learn that Thorasis spent those long years in exile “in silent supplication” as he prayed for the chance to return to Mythoss and resume the “Liturgy of Bone.” We do not learn much more about this ceremony, other than that it is a “celebration of death” which will seemingly realize Necronominus’ goal of bringing the cold embrace of death to the entire Realm.

The Thorasis the First Risen figure was released in the Mythic Legions All Stars 6 wave. Like the All Stars offering before this one, this wave included a mix of fan-voted reissue figures and brand-new items being offered for the first time. For All Stars 6, those new items were a continuation of the storylines and designs presented in the Mythic Legions: Necronominus wave. That wave was understandably filled with undead members of the Congregation, and All Stars 6 would be as well.

Thorasis comes with a wealth of parts, including a brand-new head sculpture, multiple hands and extra feet, different options for belts and wrist armor, and premium soft goods pieces including a cape with a fur collar. Two of the most notable items in this set, however, are the Necronominus faction shield and the soft goods banner that bears that same symbol.

Thorasis the First Risen


The second child, and first daughter, of Necronominus is the high priestess known as Morgolyth. One of the three children to escape banishment after the First Great War, Morgolyth and her two brothers who also remained in Mythoss retreated to the far Southeastern corner of Mythoss. Hidden away on a small island in an area of the ocean that came to be called The Deadlands, Morgolyth and her father’s followers established the House of Blessed Bone. Part fortress and part cathedral to their father’s teachings, it was from here that Morgolyth led the Congregation and worked towards returning her father to Mythoss.

As we have already learned, Thorasis was the eldest child of the family and the rightful leader, but in his absence his sister accepted that responsibility. This was a sensible move since she was the next oldest child, but also because her powers allowing her to see through the eyes of her undead soldiers would’ve been a valuable tool during this time of disarray for the members of the Legions of Dark. Her bio explains her role and powers:

High priestess and leader of The Congregation of Necronominus, Morgolyth rules with a resigned coldness reflected in her faction’s deadly efficiency. Less savage than her brothers Malleus and Mandibulus, her ability to see through the eyes of her dead soldiers keeps her perpetually aware of her armies’ actions. Truly believing that the moment has arrived for her father Necronominus’ return, Morgolyth is readying her faction for a new era of evil.

While spelling out those aforementioned powers and the leadership role she has held since her father’s imprisonment, this bio also references her two brothers who also remained with her in Mythoss (we will focus on them shortly). What this bio does not address, of course, is how Morgolyth took the return of her elder brother and his decision to relegate her to the second-ranking sibling once again.

Morgolyth was one of the final stretch goal figures opened during the record-breaking “Advent of Decay” Kickstarter. She features important pieces that, as of this article, are unique to the figure, including her torso and head. Speaking of that head, it is interesting to note that the final look of the figure was not the initial colors considered for this figure. We posted an article a few years ago revealing some very early prototype images of Morgolyth and that alternate look. You can read it here.


Brother Mandibulus

One of the middle children of Necronominus, the warlord known as Brother Mandibulus is another of the siblings who escaped after the First Great War. Accompanying his sister and brother to the Deadlands, Brother Mandibulus became the “most visible” of the remaining siblings. While the other children remained in the House of Blessed Bone working to preserve their father’s teachings or seeking ways to bring him back, Brother Mandibulus became the family’s ruthless enforcer, as detailed in his bio:

Mandibulus is the most vocal and visible of Necronominus’ three remaining children. Often springing into action on his sister Morgolyth’s behalf, his aggressive ruthlessness is terrifying to behold. While his brother Malleus is obsessed with the preservation of their father’s teachings and his sister Morgolyth is focused on leading their faction, Mandibulus’ sights are set on the complete slaughter of all who oppose his family and their disciples.

It is clear from what we see here that the Congregation’s leader during this time, Morgolyth, used her younger brother as a weapon, sending him to destroy any who she deemed a threat to her plans or her father’s gospel. We actually get a glimpse of this in action in the bio for Hagnon, an excerpt of which is presented below:

Once a proud soldier in The Order of Eathyron, Hagnon led a legendary campaign that led to one of The Congregation of Necronominus’ greatest defeats. Later hunted and captured by the treacherous Brother Mandibulus, he was brought to the unforgiving Morgolyth for his final reckoning.

One thing we certainly see in the personality of Brother Mandibulus, as well as that of his brother Malleus, is a “middle child syndrome” where the two of these siblings are obsessed with going above and beyond to impress the family and be recognized for their contributions.

Brother Mandibulus was a stretch goal that was first available in the Mythic Legions: Advent of Decay wave’s Kickstarter. He features body pieces that were all introduced in the first Legions wave, but he does include a brand-new head sculpture that has thus far only been used on this figure.

Brother Mandibulus


The first of the Children of Necronominus to be introduced into the Mythic Legions line, Malleus is the second of the middle children in the family. The most blindly devoted of the children, Malleus is a zealot who has no tolerance for any who would stray from what he believes are his father’s divine teachings. His bio details this:

As one of the three remaining children of Necronominus himself, Malleus is true underworld royalty. Serving as the ear of Necronominus until his master’s return, he serves as judge, jury, and executioner to any who pose a threat to his father’s teachings. A deeply devout follower of his father’s word and scripture, Malleus quickly dispatches those who diverge from the path that has been chosen for his congregation.

We see more of that "middle child syndrome" here in Malleus. He is someone who demands unwavering devotion to his interpretations of his father’s words, and he will summarily lash out and destroy any who he believes fails to follow that path.

Malleus was released in the first Mythic Legions wave (and also reissued in All Stars 3). As such, his parts were all new at the time, and the skull with the hinged jaw was first introduced with this character. In fact, the head is often unofficially called the “Malleus head”, even though it has been used on many figures since (including as an extra head with Brother Mandibulus).

One interesting note on this character and his bio is that, even at this early stage, it was presented that there were “three remaining children of Necronominus.” So even though Morgolyth and Brother Mandibulus wouldn’t be introduced until a few years later with Advent of Decay, this trio was indeed planned from the start.  The idea of expanding the family beyond these three was a conversation that began during the bio creation for characters in the Necronominus wave. The fact that Malleus’ bio, and Brother Mandibulus’, both used the words “remaining children” got the studio wondering if there were once other members of the family? Perhaps some siblings who were banished along with their father, Necronominus? This is an example of some of the Lore of Mythoss being fleshed out during the course of creating these figures – and the Children of Necronominus growing in size as we approached the wave that bore his name and heralded his return to the Realm.


Belualyth and Berodach

The final two siblings are “the twins” – Belualyth and Berodach. They are presented here together since they are technically the same age. Interestingly, while the first four children are all clearly skeletons, the two youngest of the family are not. Belualyth is a ghoul, and Berodach’s true form is hidden behind the dark amor and helmet he wears.

Both Belualyth and Berodach were banished along with their eldest brother and father during the First Age. They have remained by his side during this time in exile, and they are the ones who remain physically closest to him upon his return, as covered in their bios:

When Necronominus was recalled to Mythoss, he did not return alone. Loyal acolytes of the Lord of Death who had been banished with him after the First Great War returned as well, including the ghoulish child of Necronominus named Belualyth. A beastmaster who commands a skeletal chimera, the legion of Turpiculi, as well as other unnatural monsters that have not been seen in Mythoss since the First Age, she resumes her role as one of the generals in her father’s undead army.


Belualyth’s bio above does not mention her twin, but that relationship was presented in the bio for Berodach:

The towering presence known as Berodach emerges from banishment along with his twin, the beastmaster Belualyth. The youngest of Necromoninus’ children, the twins are always by his side. Berodach serves as a Warden to his father, and he is ready to destroy any who would dare to stand against his family or their teachings. Finally reunited, the six Children of Necronominus once again walk in the Realm of Mythoss.

With these two bios we not only meet these youngest children of the Lord of Death, but we learn what terrible powers they bring back with them as they return to Mythoss. Belualyth’s command of the undead monsters that also return from banishment makes her a valuable part of her father’s Congregation, while her towering brother stands always by his side to protect him as he preaches his gospel of death.

Both Belualyth and Berodach feature a wealth of new parts first introduced with these characters. Belualyth made her debut in the Necronominus wave, and she includes not only 2 new head sculptures, but also an array of “beasts” for her role as a beastmaster. The most notable of these, of course, is the skeletal chimera she holds by a chain.

Berodach is an ogre-scale figure that debuted with the new items in the All Stars 6 wave. He includes the ogre-sized armor pieces first seen on the Sir Ucczjak figure, but painted in a way that totally transforms those parts from a holy paladin into the Warden to the Lord of Death seen here. In addition to those ogre-knight pieces, a new head and chest armor were introduced with Berodach to create this character’s look.


This is the End

As the Dark Four return to Mythoss, the situation becomes increasingly dire for the Legions of Light, but it is the arrival of the Lord of the Death and the reunion of his children that is the most troubling for the good denizens of the Realm. No other army follows their master the way that the Congregation follows Necronominus. His goal is to bring death to all who come before him, and the supplicants who follow him are death itself. These followers include his most loyal and his most powerful - his six children. Each of these siblings has a role to play as Necronominus makes his way towards the center of Mythoss and the mighty Castle of Four Sides. It is the site where the forces of the Dark Four fell during the First Great War, and it is here where those evil armies will converge once again, but this time they will not be so easily bested.

The bells of the House of Blessed Bone begin to toll, ringing loudly over the rolling seas of the Deadlands and making their chilling call heard all across the Realm of Mythoss. The Liturgy of Bone has begun.


Photo credits:
Trevor "One-Six Shooter" Williams - Thorasis, Belualyth, Berodach

Nate Strong - Morgolyth

Michael Xavier - Malleus

Johnny Wu - Brother Mandibulus

Published on 06.08.23

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