Lowland Scapeback - Cosmic Legions OxKrewe log entry

Qorgonox Log Entry : 830.23

//begin signal//

Qorgonox Log Entry – 830.23

Somehow, we are all alive. Our camp is pretty much destroyed, but the 6 of us are all still here. Everyone is celebrating, but I wanted to make sure this was recorded, especially after how I left off the last log entry.

Orvar’s explosions awoke another native species of Thraxxon. These beasts were not like the others we have encountered, not even the Thraxxians. These monsters were called scapebacks – lowland scapebacks to be exact (see attached image captured by one of our security cams).

This log is going to be a bit disjointed. I apologize for that. A lot has happened in a very short time and my head is swimming with a mix of fear, relief, and adrenaline. Now may actually not be the best time to log this information, now that I come to think of it, but I've already logged in, so I guess I will continue.

The scapebacks are four-legged beasts covered in armored hides that look pretty much exactly like the landscape of the valley here on Thraxxon. Apparently the creatures burrow into the sands and go into a deep hibernation to conserve energy. As I’ve logged in previous entries, Thraxxon is not exactly rich in natural resources, especially here in the valley that we are in, so the scapebacks rest until something wakes them up and they believe they can find a meal. Orvar’s explosions did just that. The vibrations from the blasts caused the scapebacks to wake up and they went into something of a feeding frenzy. They were so crazed that the charges from our defense’s beams did not stop them. They blasted right through the perimeter and destroyed the stanchions, basically removing all our protections.

Vellok gathered all of us together with the container we have been using in the camp at our back. This way we could provide a united front against the scapebacks, but it was useless. The few energy weapons we had were as ineffective as the perimeter beams were. In fact, the saws we use for reclamation and breakdowns kept the beasts away better than the blasters did. Orvar also used his demo-hammer against them, which also proved to be effective.

It looked pretty hopeless for us all, and then help arrived. As unlikely as it may seem, UkHa the Veeblian, along with a party of Thraxxians, came to our rescue. The Thraxxians used some spears and club weapons to corral the scapebacks and push them away from the camp. We moved to help, but UkHa told us to stay where we were and to let the Thraxxians handle the situation. The Thraxxians have developed certain skills since they have to live alongside these lowland scapebacks. We were later told that these are just one kind of the scapebacks here on Thraxxon – but they are the most aggressive variety (just our luck, we get the nastiest of the species). The Thaxxians have learned how to calm the scapebacks in a way that can stop a feeding frenzy and quiet them so they move towards their resting places where they will go back into their hibernation state.

All of this information was relayed to us later by UkHa, along with the fact that the Thraxxians' initial "attacks" on our camp were indeed an attemp to dismantle our stanchion beams, not because they wished to harm us, but because the beams made a “humming” sound that they feared would attract the scapebacks. While the Thraxxians have clearly learned how to handle those creatures, they have also realized that the best way to deal with them is not to rouse them at all. They feared that our presence in this valley would wake the scapeback herd, which of course it did.

UkHa was on his way back to our camp when he saw the scapebacks stampeding towards us. Normally Veeblians and Thraxxians do not interact, preferring to stay clear of each other. There are times, however, when the two races have been known to cross paths and UkHa has encountered these particular Thraxxian scouts on his travels before. He somehow enlisted their help and saved us all in the process. Yeah, as unlikely as it may seem, UkHa is the hero of the day.

Per the Thraxxians’ requests, we dismantled the explosive traps Orvar had set up (not even he argued with that) and we agreed not to attempt to repair the stanchions that the scapebacks had destroyed. In return, the Thraxxians have said that they will watch the valley and ensure that nothing attempts to attack our camp. You would think that I’d be nervous leaving our safety in the hands of creatures who we believed were trying to kill us only days ago, but somehow I am not. In fact, I feel safer here on Thraxxon than I have since we crashed. Funny how a brush with death will change your perspective.

OK, that is enough for now. I want to return to the celebration. It feels great to be alive, and even though we are still stuck here on Thraxxon, I am thankful for my health and for the friends I am surrounded with. It sounds crazy to say that I am "lucky", having been involved in a crash, needing to scrounge for resources, and having been attacked by multiple species that were previously unknown to me - but there it is. I feel lucky to be here, and to be a member of this family we call the OxKrewe.

::/DISTRESS SIGNAL – AEXOR3 VESSEL DESIGNATION:QORGONOX REQUESTING IMMEDIATE ASSISTANCE. Current location = Thraxxon. Current status = 6 surviving crew members. Currently safe. Native contact made – multiple species. COMM BAND REPLY REQUESTED. IMMEDIATE EVACUATION REQUESTED./::

//end signal//

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Published on 08.30.23

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