Orvar - Cosmic Legions OxKrewe log entry

Qorgonox Log Entry : 828.23

//begin signal//

Qorgonox Log Entry – 828.23

This entry is being added quickly, so please excuse the brevity of this information.

Orvar had decided that we needed additional protection within the camp, even though we have not seen the Thraxxians in days now. He used some of his charges to set up traps outside of the stanchions’ perimeter, as a further deterrent for any uninvited guests (see attached image).

I haven’t logged details on Orvar yet, and while I don't really have time to go into much detail right now, I will include the basics here. Orvar is a Saucerian from Jettron 66. I’ve never been to his homeworld, but he loves to tell stories about what an awful place it is and how lucky he was to escape it. I imagine that is part of the reason he is always so disagreeable, because of where he grew up.

Orvar is OxKrewe’s “demolition and discovery specialist”. Every AEXOR3 reclamation team includes a few of these specialists, and Orvar was one of the Qorgonox’s. He is the only one that survived the crash.

In our normal operation, Orvar’s job would be to work his way into wreckage of a vessel or other salvage site and break apart the site so that the raw materials could be collected. Oftentimes this process involved explosives.

Here on Thraxxon, Orvar’s expertise with explosives is not all that applicable, and I expect that he was likely feeling a bit useless (sorry, I know I am not supposed to speculate – strike that from the record please). He decided to repurpose some of the unexploded charges he recovered from the Ox’s crash site and used them to set up traps. He tested a few of them out to make sure they worked, which they of course did. Orvar is a miserable individual and probably the last crew member I’d like to be stranded with, but he knows his explosives, there is no denying that.

The explosions kicked up a sizable cloud of dust in the area, and long-range visibility was lost. We switched to our range finders and realized that there was suddenly lots of movement in the valley from beyond where we had laid the rest of the crew, over by the Ox’s engines. Sensors showed multiple objects moving towards our location. They were moving quickly, but the dust prevented us from seeing what was coming.

Vellok commanded all of us to return inside the stanchions and the beams were turned back on. He then told me to type up this log entry quickly in case whatever is coming towards the camp turns out to be hostile, which seems pretty likely.. Vellok wanted the events that led up to this point recorded, so I am entering this quickly now and transmitting it for the official records.

The perimeter sensors are going off, meaning that something is attacking the defenses. Orvar's charges have awoken something, and there is no way that these are Thraxxians. They were moving too fast. The stanchions have failed! Our defenses are down! They are...

:::::signal ends:::::

::/DISTRESS SIGNAL – AEXOR3 VESSEL DESIGNATION:QORGONOX REQUESTING IMMEDIATE ASSISTANCE. Current location = Thraxxon. Current status = 6 surviving crew members. Currently in danger | unknown threats. Native contact made – multiple species. COMM BAND REPLY REQUESTED. IMMEDIATE EVACUATION REQUESTED./::

//end signal//

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Published on 08.28.23

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