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Qorgonox Log Entry : 818.23

//begin signal//

Qorgonox Log Entry – 818.23

It has come to my attention that I should log information on the 6 members of the crew who survived the crash. This information could prove useful in the future should AEXOR3 decide to review the details of our current situation. I’ll start with Vellok.

Vellok Speer is the pilot of the Qorgonox, or at least he was the pilot of the Qorgonox. There is not much left to the ship, so I’m not sure if he is still considered the pilot or not since he has nothing to fly? Sorry, that is not relevant to the official information. Please excuse that comment during any official review.

The OxKrewe, which is basically the unofficial name we gave to our little family aboard the Ox awhile back, does not have a “leader” per any kind of AEXOR3 designation. If we did, however, it would definitely be Vellok. He has taken charge of the situation, and since he was already the defacto father figure onboard, no one questioned his commands. In truth, I think most of us were just relieved that there was someone here to keep us focused on the tasks at hand instead of thinking about the reality of being stranded on a largely unknown and untraveled planet.

Vellok has kept us all working together, which is really how it has always been on the Qorgonox. I’ve been on board for quite a few cycles now, more than probably half the crew we had before the crash, and I’ve seen Vellok and Ullaria welcome every new member the same way they welcomed me – with both kindness and a no-nonsense approach to the work that needs to be done along with a commitment to the good of the crew as a whole.

Please don’t get the wrong idea here. Vellok is in charge, but he isn’t just dictating what everyone else should do – he leads by example and works twice as hard as anyone else in the crew (see attached image of a shot I captured showing him at work in our makeshift camp). When someone needed to wait outside the camp’s defenses to deal with the creatures who were attacking the stanchions each night, he immediately volunteered.

I am not embarrassed to admit that I am scared right now, but I am also grateful that Vellok survived the crash along with the rest of us. If he wasn’t here, I don’t know what we would’ve done. If we survive this, it will be because of Vellok Speer.

::/DISTRESS SIGNAL – AEXOR3 VESSEL DESIGNATION:QORGONOX REQUESTING IMMEDIATE ASSISTANCE. Current location = Thraxxon. Current status = 6 surviving crew members. Currently in danger | threat from native species ongoing. Native contact made. COMM BAND REPLY REQUESTED. IMMEDIATE EVACUATION REQUESTED./::

//end signal - include attached//

Vello Speer Cosmic Legions action figure

Published on 08.18.23

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