Thraxxian Scout log entry - Cosmic Legions

Qorgonox Log Entry : 815.23

//begin signal//

Qorgonox Log Entry – 815.23

It’s been some time since I’ve logged a new entry in the system, but there is a good reason - we finally made native contact. Our range sensors have consistently shown movement deep in the valley where our camp has been made and we finally saw what was triggering those movement readings.

Our guess is that these creatures are native to the planet. They seem to be primitive based on their appearance and lack of obvious technology in either their gear or weaponry, but they are also clearly intelligent. We used the scope to see them and could tell that they were communicating with each other. Attached to this log entry is an image that we captured on the scope clearly showing one of the creatures. The intelligence of these strange beings was confirmed later that night when our sensors showed them approaching our camp.

The border stanchions prevent anything from gaining access to the temporary camp we have set up around one of the Ox’s containers. The charge on the beams would knock back anything foolish enough to try to cross them. Our monitors showed the creatures begin to test the beams. They started by throwing rocks at the stanchions to see if they could disrupt the defenses. Later they began to smash the base of the stanchions with clubs that seemed to be fashioned from some kind of bone. There were three of the creatures and they worked together in a way that clearly showed that they were trying to find a solution to the challenge before them. We couldn’t help but wonder what their intentions were, and what they would do if they found a way past our defenses.

We had a very restless night as we watched these creatures carefully investigating our camp. We could examine them clearly now that they had come so close. They were almost reptilian in nature with green bodies covered in scales. As we had previously observed, they carried no obvious technological implements. Instead, they held weapons made of bone and wore armor that appeared organic in nature - in fact, it looked similar to aspects of Thraxxon's rocky terrain. The creatures wandered away from the camp as dawn began to break. Our guess is that they preferred the cooler temperatures of the evening over the higher ones that the new day would bring with it, or maybe they just felt like attacking the camp under the cover of darkness was a better plan. Either way, they had disappeared by the time the day had dawned.

Once we were sure the creatures were gone, we lowered the defenses to examine the stanchions. There was no damage that we felt would jeopardize the operation of the beams, but we couldn’t help but ask whether or not the creatures would return and, if they did, what they would try next.

This process continued for a few nights until we finally decided that we needed to confront these visitors and try to see if their intelligence would allow us to communicate with them. Vellok and Orvar sat outside the camp’s defenses as night began to fall. As expected, the creatures made their way to the camp and our team made contact. The creatures were surprised, and as soon as they saw Vellok and Orvar, they bared their sharp teeth and attacked.

Our AEXOR3 suits are thankfully resilient because of the kind of work we do. The creatures’ weapons were not able to do any damage to the suits, but the viciousness of their attack was alarming. Orvar used a flashtube from his belt to startle the attackers and confuse them long enough for Uularia to lower the defenses so we could get everyone back inside the camp. The creatures disappeared after that.

The rest of the night was quiet, but the creatures returned the following evening, and their group had grown. There were now seven of them, and their attempts to get inside the camp had intensified. Kogg believes the defenses will hold up to their attacks, but you can see the worry on everyone’s faces. I think tonight will be another sleepless night. The sun is setting soon, and we expect the creatures’ appearance will not be far behind.

::/DISTRESS SIGNAL – AEXOR3 VESSEL DESIGNATION:QORGONOX REQUESTING IMMEDIATE ASSISTANCE. Current location = Thraxxon. Current status = 6 surviving crew members. Currently in danger | threat from native species ongoing. Native contact made. COMM BAND REPLY REQUESTED. IMMEDIATE EVACUATION REQUESTED./::

//end signal - include attached//

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Published on 08.15.23

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