A look at the variety of ULTIMATES! figures we have been able to work on with Super7

Horsemen for Hire: ULTIMATES! Variety Working with Super7

We’ve already posted a few “Horsemen for Hire” articles about our work with Super7. Those articles alone show some of the incredible variety that we have been able to work on through our partnership with this company, from Silverhawks, to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, to Thundercats, to Disney characters (not to mention Masters of the Universe and the insane Snake Mountain that they finally brought to life). That being said, some reveals that Super7 unleashed as part of their “Super7 Days of Teasers”  awhile back really showcased the incredible range of licenses this company is putting into the hands of fans – and the range of properties we get to play a role in developing into amazing ULTIMATES! toys. Here is a look at some of those properties that we have not yet had a chance to focus on here on our blog:


The Papa Emeritus figure from the “heavy rock phenomenom”, Ghost, is a perfect example of the variety of the ULTIMATES! line.  While many people recognize the line for its interpretations of classic 1980s and 1990s toy lines like Masters of the Universe or TMNT, being able to create a character like Papa Emeritus for this figure line was a very cool project.

This figure comes with 2 cloth robes and interchangeable heads, allowing fans to create two distinct looks from this one toy.

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More Than Meets the Eye

OK, getting back to those “iconic 1980s” toy lines, it was a pure joy to get to create some Transformers ULTIMATES! Eric Treadaway is a huge Transformers fan and collector, so being able to play around in this property was a ton of fun.

Based on the classic cartoon versions of these characters, the Transformers ULTIMATES! figures do not actually “transform”, but are instead posable figures that combine these robotic characters with the ULTIMATES! design aesthetic.

One thing we love about Super7’s approach to the ULTIMATES! line is their commitment to only doing the main characters from a property, but also releasing some of the more obscure and fringe characters. We’ve seen this with TMNT and other lines, and it continues with the first series of Transformers. Yes, Optimus Prime is included, and so is Starscream – but it is the more obscure “Ghost of Starscream” version. Also included is the Insecticon Bombshell, as well as Banzai-Tron!

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What a fun mix of popular and obscure characters – and this is just the beginning! Shortly after the reveal pictures of the first wave of these figures, the lineups for Wave 2 and 3 were revealed as well:

Wave 2:
Grimlock (Dino mode)
Bludgeon (Pretender)

Wave 3:
Tarn (IDW)
Megatron (G2)

(Editor’s Note – Soundwave is my favorite Transformer. Just saying…)

That HUGE Thundercats Reveal

We have now done a few series of Thundercats figures for Super7, so just revealing a new wave wouldn’t have made much of a splash – but bringing out the massive Thundertank certainly got fans excited!

This thing is gigantic! Easily the biggest piece we’ve worked on since Snake Mountain. The photos comparing the size of this new vehicle to the original one really show just how incredible this release is going to be!

While most of the work we do at Four Horsemen Studios is “figure” centric, it is always a blast to help create a playset or vehicle like the Thundertank, which is sure to be a centerpiece in many fans Thundercats’ displays!

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Other ULTIMATES! Figures

In addition to these new releases, it is also worth mentioning some of the other varied lines and characters we have partnered with Super7 on in the past few years, including their Conan figures, a Voltron figure, and even the Toxic Avenger! Once again, all of these properties are throw backs to properties from another era of action figures, reimagined using the ULTIMATES! recipes to create very cool, and very fun new figures for your collections!

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What does the future hold for the collaborations between Four Horsemen Studios and Super7? Stayed tuned, because there is lots more great stuff to come!

Published on 07.13.21

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