A deeper look at the character and figure of Attila Leossyr

Figure in Focus: Attila Leossyr

The mighty leader of the Army of Leodysseus, the golden armored Attila Leossryr is the subject of this “Figure in Focus” article.

An Early Entry Into the Realm of Mythoss

Attila Leossyr was one of the earliest figures offered in the Mythic Legions line, and he was appropriately the very first figure shown from the Army of Leodysseus faction that he leads. Available as part of the initial mix of figures in the Kickstarter campaign for the wave that became known as “Mythic Legions 1.0”, Attila was a figure that fans immediately responded to. With his golden armor and lion helmet, his unique design quickly made him a fan favorite, and this was before his importance in the story of Mythic Legions was even revealed!

One fun bit of Mythic Trivia about Attila – if you look at those initial product photos from the 1.0 wave, Attila is the ONLY figure shown with the ubiquitous “brown belt”. When fans saw that accessory, they began to suggest that it would be nice if more figures came with it as well. We love to listen to our fans and act on good suggestions, so we decided to include the “leather” belt accessory with EVERY figure in the line! Each 1.0 figure came with one of those belts, and later releases would even include multiple belts, including some in different colors, and we have Attila and his expert modeling of that accessory in those initial shots to thank for this!

Attila’s Story

When the figures from that initial Kickstarter eventually shipped, the true importance of Attila finally became known as fans got a first glimpse at his package bio. That bio revealed the connection between Attila and another 1.0 figure -  his brother, Attlus the Conqueror.

Attila Leossyr from Mythic Legions

When his older brother Attlus renounced his claim to leadership of The Army of Leodysseus, Attila Leossyr gladly stepped up and grabbed the mantle. A ferocious warrior, Attila embodies the spirit of his army’s lion symbol. Overbrimming with incredible confidence and charisma, Attila’s popularity amongst the people of Mythoss has made him a symbol of hope in a kingdom crippled with fear.

As we can read in this bio, there is clearly a story behind the rift that drove these brothers apart, but it seems as if Attila has risen to the challenge of the throne!

Attila the All Star

As new fans were introduced to the Mythic Legions line in the years after that first Kickstarter, many of those initially offered figures became highly sought after on the secondary market. Important “named” characters like Attila and Attlus were among the most sought-after figures, so it came as no surprise when both of those warriors emerged from the bloody voting carnage of “All Stars 2” victorious.

This second run of Attila figures allowed these new fans to add the leader of the Army of Leodysseus to their collections. Of course, Mythic Legions has continued to grow since that All Stars wave, which was pre-ordered in early 2018, and Attila has once again become a sought-after figure for newer fans. The calls for another reissue of this mighty warrior grew and grew, but little did fans know that when we would see Attila again, it would be in an even more impressive fashion!

Attila Leossyr from Mythic Legions

The Rise of Areythr

While Attila himself did not make an appearance in the Mythic Legions: Arethyr wave, that release was certainly important to the Army of Leodysseus as it further reinforced the enmity between that faction and the evil Legion of Areythr. This connection between the two armies is clearly stated in the details for the Army of Leodusseus faction itself:

This army represents the hardline military branch of rule in Mythoss. Assembled to combat the forces of Arethyr, they are embroiled in a scandal that saw their rightful leader Attlus ousted in favor of his younger brother, Attila.

The Arethyr wave, which was first shown during G-con 2019, was the first Legions wave to exclusively focus on 2 specific factions which were opposed to each other (this would be repeated in the Illythia wave in 2020). The two factions involved, of course, were the Legion of Areythr and the Army of Leodysseus. The evil Areythr was included in this wave, along with an array of demons that he brought back with him from the prison realm where he had been banished. Aligned against these evil monsters were a number of members of the Army of Leodysseus who are under Attila’s command, including members of the Red Shield, which is ”the first line of defense, which specialized in holding back the enemy and protecting Leodysseus' leadership.”  Hadriana, the mighty Magnus, and the Red Shield Soldiers are all ready to fight for their leader, Attila, in the war that is coming.

Attila Leossyr from Mythic Legions

The “Tactical” Return of Attlia Leossyr

As stated earlier this feature, the calls for another shot at Attlia Leossyr grew as new fans came into the line and secondary market prices on the previous releases climbed and climbed. Rather than simply rerelease that figure a third time, we decided to do something extra special for Attila – unveiling the “Attila 2 Deluxe Figure” as part of a 2-pack with Gorgo Aetherblade for the Mythic Legions Tactics: War of the Aetherblade Kickstarter Campaign!

One clear aspect of the Mythic Legions line since the beginning has been a smart reuse of existing parts. By mixing and matching and repainting parts from the Legions’ library, we have been able to do create a wide range of unique characters, but Eric has long wanted to revisit some of those original characters and sculpt parts specifically for them. This is what you see in the new Attila figure, with armor pauldrons that bear the likeness of his faction’s namesake lion, as well as new head sculptures that not only allow for his “helmeted” head to include different expressions – but a fully unhelmeted head was created as well! Of course, the big addition to this new figure is the incredible Leossyr hammer that he wields! One of the ancient weapons that the Great Beasts of Mythoss once used to vanquish the evil generals, it was great to finally get this into the line as part of this special 2-pack.

Attila Leossyr from Mythic Legions

Attila in War of the Aetherblade

Speaking of the Mythic Legions Tactics: War of the Aetherblade campaign, Attila is not only part of this important expansion on the Mythic Legions property as a new figure, but he was shown in the game footage from the very beginning! 

The Army of Leodysseus will clearly play an important role in the upcoming game, which is to be expected since their sworn enemies in the Legion of Arethyr are clearly also a big part of the action, and you can expect Attila to make his presence known! You see the design of Attila’s appearance in the game below (note – these images are pre-alpha footage and not finalized game graphics).

Attila Leossyr from Mythic Legions

In Closing

When will we finally learn what caused Attlus to renounce his leadership role in the Arny of Leodysseus, allowing Attila to lead in his place? Will we ever discover what the “scandal” that the faction is embroiled in is all about, and will the brothers ever reunite and set aside whatever differences lie between them? Only time will tell as the story of Mythic Legions continues to be told.

Thank you to Trevor "One-Six Shooter" Williams for the photos of Attila used in this article!

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Published on 08.31.21

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