An interview with Mythic Legions fan and storyteller, Lexi Rose

Featured Fan - Lexi Rose

First things first - please introduce yourself!

Hi everyone! My name is Alexis Rose, Lexi for short. I am from the UK, and I am a huge figure collector and gamer. I have been collecting action figures for at least ten years and have amassed quite a collection from different lines including Marvel, Star Wars, GI Joe, and of course Mythic Legions.

When did you discover Mythic Legions?

It was a couple of years ago when I was trying to use action figure photography to recreate some scenes from Thor Ragnarok. I was hunting for some skeleton action figures I could use as Hela’s minions and stumbled across some skeleton legion builders online. I bought them and once they arrived, I was blown away by just how fantastic these figures were and instantly started collecting more of them. I initially tried to just stick with one or two races but eventually I was completely in love with the line and collected all these wonderful characters. They have now become the dominating force in my collection, and I have honestly never felt such enjoyment for a toyline before.

  • The photography of Lexi Rose
  • The photography of Lexi Rose
  • The photography of Lexi Rose

A big part of your enjoyment of the line obviously comes from the stories you tell with these figures. How did that start?

I have been creating little stories with my figures for a while as I wanted to do more with them rather than just leaving them on display all the time. I have always loved the fantasy genre and Mythic Legions has given me the freedom to tell all the stories I could ever want. I use the official bios and lore as the template but add my own little interpretations to the characters that give them some individuality and help separate them from other people’s depictions of them. That is one of the best things about this line, the lore is there but you have the freedom to make your own stories and characters that you possibly wouldn’t be able to do with other franchises like Marvel that has established canon and characters depictions that are harder to change.  I take a lot of inspiration from different universes such as Lord of the Rings, the Elder Scrolls, Dark Souls, Castlevania and Game of Thrones when creating my stories and I am constantly planning new tales in my head. Every time I see a new figure get announced, I immediately start thinking about how I could implement them in my works.

You obviously make up your own stories and allegiances in the stories you tell, but do you have a favorite faction of the figures normally?

It’s hard to choose a favorite but I really like Illythia’s Brood. Vampires in general are rather awesome and Mythic Legions certainly has no shortage of impressive bloodsuckers!

How about a favorite overall figure so far?

Probably Azza Spiritbender. I have a particular fondness for blue skinned characters and in any game with a character creator, I’ll make my character blue. She has a beautiful design and before I officially started collecting these figures, she was the one I was drawn to from the photos. Illythia may replace her once she is released. The Vampire Goddess looks absolutely stunning and I cannot wait to be able to photograph her.

  • The photography of Lexi Rose
  • The photography of Lexi Rose

What has the reception to your stories and photos been like in the Mythic community so far?

Honestly, I’m shocked by the overwhelming positive reception. Writing has always been a hobby of mine, but I never expected people to like my stories and ideas so much. It’s inspired me to take it further and further and I would love to combine it all into a full comic or maybe even a book someday. Some people have started referring to me as the “Bard of Mythoss” and it’s quite flattering. Seeing people enjoying my work is really heartwarming and I intend to keep telling stories for a very long time.

What kinds of figures or monsters are you most hoping to see in Mythic Legions soon as both a collector and a storyteller?

A dragon is probably top of my list. Not only because they are awesome, but it opens up so many new story ideas with what I could do with it. I would also like to see even more female characters. Not just knights and elves but female giants, ogres and other races. I love the women of Mythoss and eagerly look forward to seeing more of them in the future.

I figure a good way to end this article is with a story! You’ve put together something special for this article, correct?

Indeed, I have! I hope you all enjoy this little story. One of Queen Artemyss Silverchord’s soldiers has been taken prisoner by the evil Legion of Arethyr. What cruel fate awaits him at the hands of these merciless orcs?

A Mythic Legions story by Lexi Rose

Interrogator: Your loyalty to your queen is admirable, but ultimately foolish. Tell us what we wish to know, and you will be released unharmed.

Scout: What would be foolish is trusting the word of a monster like yourself. I know what will happen as soon as I have served my purpose. You would end my life and feed my remains to the hounds.

Prison Guard 1: This one is smarter than he looks. Perhaps he requires some persuasion?

Scout: Do what you wish to me. I will never talk.

A Mythic Legions story by Lexi Rose

Interrogator: If you do not talk willingly, we will need to apply a little…pressure.

Scout: I will not betray the Flock! I will not betray my kin!

Interrogator: Is that your final declaration?

Scout: I gladly pay the price for my silence.

Interrogator: So be it. Bring him forward.

A Mythic Legions story by Lexi Rose

Scout: Get your filthy hands off me you fiends!

Prison Guard 1: Stop squirming you elven rat! Or I’ll break your legs!

Scout: My death will gain you nothing!

Prison Guard 2: Oh, we aren’t going to kill you yet. But by the time we are finished, you will wish you were.

Interrogator: Hold out his arm.

Scout: No…. No wait!

Prison Guard 1: You could have avoided all this if you had just told us what we wanted to know. But I suppose this is more fun.

A Mythic Legions story by Lexi Rose

Prison Guard 2: I said stop squirming!

Scout: No! Please! Don’t do this!

Interrogator: The time for negotiation has passed. You will tell us how to lower the enchantments protecting Castle Silverhorn. Or things will become very unpleasant and painful for you. This is your last chance.

Published on 08.03.21

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