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FAQs - “How Do Different Mythic Legions Figures Scale with Each Other?”

From the earliest stages of Mythic Legions’ development, the studio knew that the Realm of Mythoss would be populated by a wide variety of different races. Those races would create a range of different body types and sizes for the toy line, showing the incredible diversity of this fantasy world.

If you are newer to Mythic Legions or if you do not have any trolls, or ogres, or goblins in your personal collection, you may wonder how these different figures scale with each other. In this article, we will look at the range of figures sizes in Mythic Legions, showing them side-by-side so you can see how these assorted races can add some incredible variety to your display!

In The Beginning…

The very first wave of Mythic Legions introduced a number of figures that were all similarly sized, including the barbarians, knights, orcs, and skeletons. Because these figures all shared parts from the Mythic Legions’ parts library, including torsos, legs, arms, etc., these figures all stand at the same height.

That first Kickstarter wave also had figures that were slightly smaller in stature, namely the dwarves. While these figures did use the same torso and upper arm pieces as others in the line, their smaller legs makes them a bit shorter than the other figures in the 1.0 wave, as you would expect a dwarf to be. Dwarves also use gauntlet pieces that are a bit smaller than the other figures in the line, ulimately making their arms slightly shorter too.

Mythic Legions figure scales


The Rise of the Trolls

The biggest Mythic Legions figures to date were introduced in the second wave of figures. Commonly known as the “1.5 wave”, the large trolls made their debut in this series. These monsters were so large, that they were actually shown gripping a normal Mythic Legions figure in their meaty hands during a Toy Fair event where the prototypes were first shown! The "Ice Troll" shown below was from a later Mythic Legions wave, but it uses the same body parts as the rest of the trolls in the line, showing how all of these monsters stack up to other figure sizes.

Mythic Legions figure scales


Females and Elves and Goblins

The second Mythic Legions Kickstarter introduced a whole new library of parts into the line, as well as some new figure scales. The slimmer body styles created for this wave allowed females and elves to make their way into Mythoss, and the diminutive goblins also crept into the line during the Advent of Decay wave.

Mythic Legions figure scales


With this series, the Realm of Mythoss was beginning to really show its diversity. This wave also introduced a second scale for both the skeleton and vampire figures, adding this smaller-sized undead warrior and some thinner blood suckers, both males and females, to those from the first series.

Mythic Legions figure scales


Here Come the Ogres

First shown at San Diego Comic Con in 2017, the “ogre-scale” figures finally made their debut in the line with the Siege at Bjorngar wave. These brutes stood between the “normal” sized figures and the trolls and they quickly became a favorite of Mythic Legions fans!

Mythic Legions figure scales


The Full Lineup - So Far

Below you can see a photo of the current scale lineup for Mythic Legions. From the goblins and dwarves, to the females and elves, to the barbarians and orcs, to the current “biggies” in the line with the ogres and trolls – this range of figure sizes really allows Mythic Legions fans to create some interesting and diverse displays!

Mythic Legions figure scales


Future Sizes?

While Mythoss may already be pretty diverse in terms of races and character sizes, there is still more to come! Four Horsemen Studios have said many times that we want to go BIGGER with giants and even dragons! We’ve also talked about the idea of smaller characters, like gnomes and pixies.

Even though we are now 5 years into the line, the incredible story of Mythic Legions and the variety of figures and sizes collectors will have available to them has just gotten started! There is so much more of Mythoss to explore, and many exciting reveals yet to come.

Published on 05.12.20

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