Four Horsemen Studios on Cake Boss, Power Lords cake

Did You Know - The Four Horsemen Were on an Episode of “Cake Boss”?

If you’ve been a fan of Four Horsemen Studios for awhile, you likely remember the “Power Lords” line that the studio released a number of years ago.

A 1:12 scale series of toys based on a 1980’s toy line of the same name, Power Lords were a passion project for the studio! We re-launched this nostalgic line at our 2013 Toypocalypse 3: ExtraTOYrrestrial show in New York.

As part of the re-launch of Power Lords, Four Horsemen Studios wanted to unveil something extra special at the Toypocalypse event. We partnered with Carlo’s Bake Shop, made popular by the TLC series “Cake Boss”, to create a Power Lords-themed cake. Working with bakery sculptor Ralph Attanasia III, the studio wowed attendees at Toypocalypse with a massive cake that smoked and bubbled “lava”.  Best of all, footage was shot of the entire process and the studio actually appeared on the Cake Boss show!

Check out this clip below to see Cornboy, Eric, and Jim, alongside Power Lords creator Wayne Douglas Barlowe, make their reality television debut!

Published on 02.14.20

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