Four Horsemen Studios Gothitropolis MOTU birds from Power-Con 2013 auctions

Blast from the Past: Power-Con MOTU Birds

It’s no secret that we love Masters of the Universe, and that line has been a huge part of our studio’s story during our 20 years in business. From the work that we have done with Mattel and Super 7 over the years, to our “MOTU-inspired” Mythic Legions figure decos, the MOTU love clearly runs deep with the Four Horsemen. Those Mythic Legions figures are not the first time that MOTU has crossed over with one of our in-house lines, however. Back in 2013, we actually did a fun project as part of the Power-Con 2013 auctions, translating a few of our “bird” figures into representations of Zoar, Screech, and Glory Bird.

These figures, which are pictured below, were actually 2-up urethane cast prototypes of the Gothitropolis figures from our very first Kickstarter campaign.  We repainted them to represent these bird characters from Masters of the Universe and donated them to Power-Con to use in their charity auction. We only made 1 of each of these, and they really weren’t “action figures” since they had limited articulation points and were castings, but they are cool to look back at as a fun little reminder of this Power-Con event.

  • Zoar tribute Gothitropolis bird - Power-Con 2013 raffle
  • Glory Bird tribute Gothitropolis bird - Power-Con 2013 raffle
  • Screech tribute Gothitropolis bird - Power-Con 2013 raffle

Published on 03.24.20

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