Waves releaseed for Mythic Legions action figures from Four Horsemen Studios

Mythic Legions Waves

Released So Far...

You can select any of the waves listed below for more details on that wave, including the complete list of figures that were offered, when the wave was available, and more.

Mythic Legions figure waves
  • Mythic Legions 1.0 – the original Kickstarter-funded wave of 34 figures
  • Eathyron’s Dozen – 13 avian warriors, including the god-like warrior of the wave’s namesake
  • Mythic Legions 1.5 – 6 figure wave, including the first Templar and Powercon debut figure, plus the first 2 troll figures!
  • Covenant of Shadow – 8 figure wave
  • All Stars 1 – reissuing 6 of the most popular figures from the 1.0 wave
  • Advent of Decay – the second Kickstarter-powered wave introduced 43 new figures, including the first females in the line
  • Coliseum – 8 figure wave that included a new troll and a pair of Powercon debuts
  • All Stars 2 – the second reissue wave brought back 10 popular figures, plus a new version of Eagalus and the first Mythic Legions figure bearing a fan’s likeness
  • Soul Spiller – 8 figure wave that included the amazing Ice Troll plus 2 Powercon debut figures
  • Siege at Bjorngar – 5 figure wave, including the first 3 ogre-scale figures in the line
  • Wasteland – 6 figure wave, including a new ogre-scale figure and 2 Powercon debuts
  • Arethyr – 10 figure wave that brought the first 2 horses into the world of Mythic Legions, as well as the first of the "horsemen", Arethyr!
  • All Stars 3 – 7 figure wave included 4 fan-selected re-releases, plus 2 brand new figures and a second version of the Stone Troll.
  • Equaddron - the 20th Anniversary Bundle special package celebrating the studios' 20 years in business, plus a "Shadow" version of the Equaddron character
  • Illythia - 11 figure wave first shown at the 3rd annual G-Con event, this wave pits Illythia and her minions against members of Xylona's Flock, including a moose steed and the line's first Centaur!
  • War of the Aetherblade - wave of 4 Deluxe Legion Builder packs offered as part of the crowdfunding campaign for the Mythic Legion Tactics game, plus a deluxe 2-pack set of Gorgo and Attila that was available during the Kickstarter campaign for this game.
  • All-Stars 4 - 7 figure wave including 4 fan-selected re-released, the 2021 Powercon Debut figures, and new verson of the Forest Troll.
  • Deluxe Legion Builders 1 - Legion Builder focused wave featuring figures perfect for army-building and customizing, all with brand new head sculptures!
  • Legion Builder Reinforcements - the first ever Legions wave to not have a preorder, these 6 previously released legion builders (and a builder pack bringing this "wave" to 7 figures) are being ordered as in-stock items for January 2022.
  • Poxxus - the third Horseman is revealed at G-con 2021 as part of a 10-figure wave that also included weapons, hands, and magic spell packs!
  • All Stars Trolls - a mini-wave that brings back two of the most popular Trolls, this time with brand new secondary heads!
  • All Stars 5+ - 10 figure wave including fan-voted reissues, Power-con debut figures, the first ever Mythic Legions heads pack, and some brand new characters and figures!
  • Necronominus - the fourth Horseman and his undead acolytes, as well as the heroes of the Order of Eathyron who stand against them, are revealed at G-con 2022!
  • All Stars 6 - fan voted winners, the first ever All Stars Alumni, and the continuation of the battle seen in the Necronominus wave!
  • Reinforcements 2 - a new series of Legion Builders to build your armies and fuel your fodder bins!
  • armies and fuel your fodder bins!
  • Rising Sons - The House of the Noble Bear and the Sons of the Red Star face off in this new wave which completes the first major story arc for Mythic Legions!
  • Ashes of Agbendor - The aftermath of the Second Great War is upon us as we reveal a new wave of Legions live on 5/31 at 7pm EST! StoreHorsemen preorder to begin immediately following the reveals.
  • Special Releases - figures released outside of a traditional "wave", including LegionsCon figures and more!