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The Map of Mythoss

If you have been reading the storylines and bios for our Mythic Legions characters, you have undoubtedly noticed that those stories often reference specific locations, like Bjorngar, Gobhollow, Eathyross, and Castle Silverhorn. Where do these locations exist in relation to each other, and what other territories, kingdoms, and landmarks exist in the Realm of Mythoss?  Those locales have been a mystery...until now! Presenting the official Map of Mythoss. 

Take some time to explore this map to see these aforementioned locations and to discover many more that have yet to be referenced in the lore of Mythic Legions. Those locations will certainly play a role in the unfolding saga of Mythoss. Needless to say, there is a lot more to come from Mythic Legions!

Map of Mythoss, Mythic Legions